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Lady GaGa Biography

lady-gaga-poker-faceLady GaGa Biography

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta Joanne, was born March 20, 1986 in New York (USA). This is a child with an artistic career and long hesitated between becoming a dancer, singer and actress. However, in the end prevail, music and the girl learns the piano and singing. Fourteen years ago, appeared in the cafe-concert in New York.

He met an official of a record company that hired him to compose songs from artists like The Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears. This experience allows him to be noticed and Lady GaGa recorded his first album in 2008: “Fame”.

The title “Just Dance” in first place in several countries and Lady GaGa boasts the world with his music exhilarating. Often compared to Gwen Stefani for her look, it is hoped Lady GaGa to pursue a career as beautiful.



MadonnaMadonna ( August 16th 1958 in Bay City , Michigan as Madonna Louise Ciccone, since their communion in 1967 as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is an American singer , actress , songwriter , author and designer .

Madonna was with hits such as Like a Virgin (1984), Vogue (1990) and Hung Up (2005) to a pop icon . According to RIAA, IFPI, Guinness World Records Madonna has sold more than 380 million records, so that Madonna is the most commercially successful singer in the world. Also, according to edition of the Guinness Book of World Records 2010 is Madonna, with 75 million albums sold in the U.S. and more than 125 million outside the top selling artist of all time.


Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan in the sixtiesBob Dylan, born under the name Robert Allen Zimmerman ( Duluth , 24 May 1941 ) is a songwriter and composer U.S.
Also a renowned writer , poet , painter , actor and radio host , is one of the most important figures of the last fifty years in music, in the popular culture and, according to many of the literature.

Most of his best-known songs dating back to the sixties , when the artist has set as a key figure in the movement, the American protest movement. Songs like “Blowin ‘in the Wind and The Times They Are A-Changin ‘ have become the anthems of the movement anti-war and for civil rights .

The texts of his early songs address topics political , social and philosophical and literary influences are affected by, challenging the conventions of pop music and appealing to the counterculture of the time.

Over the years, Dylan has expanded his musical style and personal touch in reaching many different genres as folk , country / blues , gospel , rock and roll , rockabilly , jazz and swing , and even popular music English , Scottish and Irish .


Will smith

Will SmithWillard Christopher Smith, Jr. is an actor , film producer and singer of hip-hop American , born on 25 September 1968 at Philadelphia , in Pennsylvania .

Will smith is one of the few artists to have achieved success in three different media entertainment to the U.S. and world cinema, television and music. It quickly became famous by taking the title role in the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and has appeared in several blockbusters Hollywood as Bad Boys , Independence Day and Men In Black .

It is one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood with $ 80 million earned between 1 June 2007 and 1 June 2008 , and the only actor to have turned in eight films ranked first at the American box office on their first weekend of diffusion .


Mase (rapper)

MaseHe grew up in Harlem , New York , and began his career as a singer of gangsta rap hardcore. In the group Children of the Corn to call it Murder Mase, rapping alongside Big L , Cam’ron and Bloodshed. In 1996 , he signed with Bad Boy Records to Puff Daddy . His image was refined as Diddy’s beginning to develop a rapper of a commercial pop artist formerly known for its violent lyrics. Mase like small children.

In 1997 she released her first album, Harlem World, who became multi-platinum, highlighting the single Feel So Good. Other hits from the album were What You Want (with the Total group), Lookin ‘At Me (with Puff Daddy) and 24 Hours To Live.


Master P

Master PMaster P (* April 29th 1967 in the Calliope Projects of New Orleans as Percy Robert Miller) is a producer, rapper and Chief Executive Officer of No Limit Records . His son is the rapper Lil Romeo .

In 1990 he inherited from his grandfather founded and $ 10,000 to the No Limit Record Store, and later his own label called No Limit Records, on which he released his first solo album. He was from the beginning by Mystikal and due to Verhandlungsschwierigigkeiten with his former label Death Row Records released again artist Snoop (Doggy) Dogg supported.



Juvenile(rapper)Gray began as a 10-year-old became interested in rap and hip-hop. Since the age of 12 he raps and writes his own lyrics and founded with friends, including Young Buck , belonged to the group UTP. As the grouping is not successful, Grey talks with odd jobs and changes between the jobs and freestyle events .

When he the owner of the label Cash Money Records learns, he receives a contract and released his debut, Solja Rags “, the 200,000 records sold only in the Dirty South to success with.



33muzyrSisqo (born Mark Andrews Althavan 9 November 1978 in Baltimore ) is rnb music singer and actor. He became known as a leader of the group Dru Hill .

While attending high school meets Woody Sisqo his future partner in Dru Hill. Both are passionate gospel and make the acquaintance of Tamir Ruffin aka Nokio, a young producer. This suggested that they form a group named Dru Hill gets even a contract with the legendary label Def Jam and its subsidiary rnb Soul Def . Dru Hill The name refers to the Druid Hill Park in Baltimore. Later, join the jazz trio. After two successful albums with his band, Sisqó decides to launch a solo career.

In 1999 his first album Unleash The Dragon is a real success thanks to the single Thong Song. It becomes a real trend with its very special style (hair peroxide-gray) and the American music channel MTV to host the recruits show a very sexy: Sisqo’s Shakedown on. At the end of his first album he announced the return of Dru Hill soon but immediately continued with her second solo album The Return of The Dragon.

212410__sisqo_lThis will result in sharp tension with its partners Dru Hill. Finally the group is reconciled and even recruited a newcomer Scola. In 2002 released his latest album to date Dru Hill (Dru World Order). Parallel Sisqó began his film career in 2001 in the film Get Over It with Kirsten Dunst and Snow Dogs with Cuba Gooding Jr. in 2002.

After five years of absence Sisqó announces new album, freelance, entitled The Last Dragon and due out July 5, 2008. An album of Dru Hill is scheduled for September 9, 2009 to follow ….



Pink_(singer)Pink ( September 8th 1979 in Doylestown , Pennsylvania , real name Alecia Beth Moore), often stylized as P! nk, is an American singer and songwriter.

Pink is the second child of Judy Ball and James “Jim” Moore. Her mother worked as a nurse, her father was from Ireland-born soldier in the Vietnam war and later ran an insurance company. Pink has an older brother named Jason (b. 1977).

When she was seven years old, had their parents divorce. The loss of the father, the central figure in her life, has not coped Pink long time. The relationship with the mother turned out in the following years more and more difficult, which rapidly lost control of her daughter, until it came to open revolt. Pink began to use drugs regularly and drink alcohol in order to compensate for their problems. At the request of the mother was at the age of 14 years in therapeutic treatment , it remained without success. By leaving the school during the 10th Class finally came the final break and the mother gave their 16-year-old daughter from their apartment.

Pink_Funhouse_P1200486During this difficult phase for her Pink wrote many poems in which she expressed her feelings and process their own experiences looking for. One of those poems was later the basis for their song Family Portrait, one of the best songs about family problems. The title was Pinks parents realize how much had her daughter suffered from the separation and how painful it was for the time after that, as a consequence, also the ratio normalized to their mother again.

The name Pink is based on several personal experiences from childhood and teenage years: eight-year-old when she attended a summer camp than a boy stripped to her abdomen and her shamefaced blush with the words “Look at that pink girl!” Have commented loudly. Years later, she saw the movie with friends Reservoir Dogs at. Through the figure of “Mr. Pink was the memory of the childhood experience awake again and she was known to friends from now on only “Pink”. When even the color of her then boyfriend said her genitals, she decided to adopt this name for themselves.


Marc Anthony

Marc_Anthony_2009_White_HouseMarc Anthony, born Marco Antonio Muniz on September 16 of 1968 is a singer of Puerto Rican descent in the genre of salsa music and more recently also from romantic ballads, pop and even tango. International jumped by Paul Simon , who believes his teacher and mentor, who chose from among thousands of candidates to be the protagonist of his book ” The Coconut “.

His real name was chosen by his parents, Felipe and Guillermina Muñiz, after the Mexican singer of the same name , but had to change it so as not to confuse them professionally.
In his private life have been many events, all of the passion fruit distills in his songs: after a relationship with Debbie Rosado (a NYPD) was his daughter Arianna, a key element in the life of Marc and he composed a song, My Baby You.

Then he married the Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres , with whom he had two sons: Ryan and Cristian (the second is named in honor of his father’s professed admiration for the Mexican singer Cristian Castro ). Between the birth of both children had difficulty coming up to separate and marry again. In October 2003 the relationship finally ended when they left false rumor that Marc had a child out of wedlock with a fan, but after three reviews of DNA was found that the girl was lying.

In February 2004 , her friend U.S. singer Jennifer Lopez asked for his help in producing the song Sway for the soundtrack of the movie Shall We Dance? , and in the recording studio and coexistence, friendship became love and June 5 of 2004 were married at the luxurious mansion that is Jennifer in Miami , confirming rumors that relationship. Marc Anthony confessed he has always been in love with Jennifer and she is the mysterious Lola who spent several of his albums and songs.

Marcanthony portraitIn January 2006, Jennifer Lopez started filming the movie ” The Singer “based on the controversial life of Puerto Rican singer Hector Lavoe , for which she asked her husband that he interpreted to Hector and she would play “Puchi”‘s wife Lavoe, who was also the producer of the film.

In 2007 Marc Anthony made his debut as a producer of other artists, participate actively in the composition, production and vocals of the first album in Spanish with his wife Jennifer Lopez called ” Como ama una mujer , “which debuted No. 1 in sales of the prestigious magazine Billboard . In addition, the same year Marc released his new album ” The Singer “was the soundtrack of the film of the same name starring him, this album became a hit also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard. They went out together on tour in the United States in the months of September, October and November, and taking an unusual success of the final concert of the tour, which was featured in Miami, Jennifer announced publicly that she was pregnant and Marc kissed her belly to the excitement of the thousands of fans present.

On February 22, 2008 Jennifer gave birth to twins. The girl, Emme (short for Emelina) came to the world at 6.12 am (Spanish time) and weighs 2.5 kilos. The boy, Maximian, was born thirteen minutes later with 2.7 kilos. They are the first children for Lopez, while Marc already has three children from previous relationships.

On February 28 of 2009 first appeared on stage at the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar , Chile, being the artist most expensive version of the show, getting all the awards and the absolute love of people , to which the artist was completely thrilled and grateful to shed tears coming.

On August 21 of 2010 Hara few appearances at the Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente will be presented in Veracruz , Boca Del Rio . along with his wife Jennifer Lopez .