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Metallica’s story is the persistence and progression of the qualities of its components, ie, maturity (much to the chagrin of those who considered them sold). Metallica was born back in 1982 when James Hetfield (vocals, guitar) and Lars Ulrich (drums) dreamed emulate their musical idols, then, cuandoLars ends his promising career as a tennis player, is the birth metallica, whose first training will consist of four Member: Lars, James, Ron McGovney (bass) and a guy named Dave Mustaine (lead guitar), current leader of the megadeth.

Esta first training was the first demo recorded by the group “No life til ‘leather” that was a more that notable success in the underground environment of Californians época.Esta model included such topics as: Jump In The Fire, Metal Militia … then included on their first album Kill’em all.Debido to its wide acceptance, they had the opportunity to gabar an item in the compilation Metal Massacre, Vol 2 (now considered collector’s item) and its first contract with a label, now come the first group problems, problems that arose from that Dave was suffering from addiction to alcohol and q So with Dave and Ron outside the group (the latter for work), Metallica had to make a record, for it joined their ranks ex_exodus Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) and Cliff Burton (bass).

metallica-bandThis was the training recorded the first album from Metallica, the classic kill’em all, so they are the first official training to be one of the best bands of the heavy disk will historia.Este songs like Jump in the Fire, the Four Horsemen … full of energy and electricity soaring. His next step was the Ride the Lightning in 1984, this was already distributed and projected a record at international level, leading to metallica to give a big European tour in autumn of that año.Con this album and subsequent tour, metallica sat the basis of its well-deserved international reputation as one of the most powerful groups in recent years all thanks to songs like Ride the Lightning or the very well-known From Whom the Bell Tolls. After this record, two years later, the group returns to the fray on the album that changed the musical and personal history of metallica, talking, of course, the Master of Puppets (1986). This album was the one who finally recognized metallica as a major international group and as shown on such topics as: Battery, Damage Inc. among others.

The other event that forever mark the group was the disappearance of Cliff traffic, which was the only fatality from a traffic accident that when he was in full gruposufrió European tour, this happened on 26 November 1986.Su site was occupied Jason Newsted, ex_Flotsam & Jetsam to be in charge of ending European tour and to come into the studio to record the next album the group in 1987, “… and justice for all”. This is a great album that between all we should emphasize the issues included in the soundtrack of the movie “Johnny Got His Gun”, speaking of the item entitled One.Con this issue, he made his first metallica víedoclip that a year would receive later this disk Grammy.Con The group opened a little more the rest of the audience with songs cane, hard … but with other rhythms and a ballad.

MetallicaGarageDaysReRevisitedDuring 1988 and 1989, the group is engaged in a massive world tour, after which, under the guidance of Bob Rock (producer), metallica went to the middle of nowhere to give birth to many is the finest record, known as the black album (1991). It is also the album of the dispute because, for many it is their best album, for others it means the end of Metallica as heavy group, and these new songs in the style of metallica vary to a music much more rhythmic and elegant, but less energy-laden sugarcane but thanks mainly to huge lead guitar solos that Kirk to be considered one of the best guitarists planeta.Pues well due to this change will become metallica in one group listened to and known throughout the mundo.No in vain this disc has a sales rate of the order of a million copies each year since 1991. What is so successful?; occurs simply brilliant songs such as: Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, The Unforgiven, Wherever Then came the complete excision of metallica fans with the release of the album titled Load, 1996.En published on this record, the burden of cane and enough energy will be diminished for a new style of rhythmic and southernmost in which more noticeable participation of Lars and Jason and which highlights the impressive technique and the favorable Kirk James on vocals.

metallica-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fameThis musical shift, coupled with a new look (his famous haircut), made his followers were divided into two groups: those in favor of evolution and those who believed that this was not an evolution, but it was an obvious surrender to the clutches of this disc find temazos controversy as Outlaw Torn, Until It Sleeps or the exquisite Hero of the Day, among others. In the next year would come to the streets on Reload, a continuation of his predecessor with the same characteristics, but with issues much faster as Fuel … His next album was the Garage Inc. In that recalled its principles in Lars’ garage, where they dreamed of becoming great ROCK this record the group does cover songs by their favorite bands to pay tribute, among the topics will be: Am I Evil?, So What, or the classic Irish Whiskey in the Jar. This album gave way to his latest creation, the recorded with the San Francisco Symphony, in which touch classic themes of his discography as the One, Enter Sandman, The Call of Ktulu … At the time, with this record again to be in the eye of the hurricane on record with a symphony orchestra, in order … Either way, heroes or villains, metallica his evolutionary career, he has earned an important place in rock history of the twentieth century.