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Dave Matthews Band



David John Matthews, born on January 9th of 1967 in South Africa , naturalized American , who won the Grammy for his work as singer and guitarist Dave Matthews Band .
He also made solo albums, many of which involved the collaboration of Tim Reynolds . An occasional actor, he appeared in two movies and an episode of the series ” House . ” He is currently participating in the filming of three films.


The Who

the-whoThe Who is one of the most important English rock bands of the 1960s – and 1970 ‘s. At first she was considered a “wheel combo, as part of the Mod movement at the hard end of the ” British invasion was to be found. ” In her music and her appearance representing the four Englishmen in the early years compared to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones more aggressive variant of the British rock music.

Later they got through the publication of the concept album Tommy and Quadrophenia high degree of popularity and are now considered as one of the most influential rock bands of all time. The band is still musically active and touring regularly. After the death of Keith Moon (1978) and John Entwistle (2002) are now only the guitarist Pete Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey of the founding members left.

Founding and success with My Generation
To 1959, Roger Daltrey – then as the lead guitarist – in the North West London, the school band The Detours. Between 1961 and 1962, first met the bassist John Entwistle and then the guitarist Pete Townshend to do so. All three initially attended the same school in Acton. Because of the same competition group named the band in February 1964 into The Who. A little later replaced the drummer Keith Moon the much older Doug Sandom, and the cult of Mod strongly influenced public relations manager Peter Meaden changed the band name again. As The High Numbers Suit in July 1964, the first written by Meaden Single I’m The Face / Zoot published. The band did not succeed, what did not change until, as with Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, a new management took over the business. Getting attention in the press became the group that is now The Who called back by her first television appearance in which she instruments destroyed her. According Daltrey band had initially only about 100 pounds Appearance receive pro, but to part of equipment destroyed by a higher value. In the year 1964 marked the band for their own style of music the term “Maximum R & B “.

A hit parade success was already the first EP, the band released under the new name. I
Can not Explain the beginning of 1965 reached number eight of the UK singles chart, the following single Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere tenth place. The first album, entitled My Generation came out in December of that year. The songs reaped positive response from the young Beat audience. On extensive club tours were playing The Who My Generation at the time, so this piece into a kind of anthem a lot of the English youth was for. [5] After a series of successful hit singles (My Generation, Substitute, I’ma Boy, The Kids Are Alright, Happy Jack) brought the band in 1967, the counterpart of the LP Sgt Pepper’s The Beatles and the album Their Satanic Majesties Request The Rolling Stones out the album The Who Sell Out . [6] The commercial success was modest, so the group – with their expensive orgies of destruction during the live performances also causes – financial problems received. 1966 and 1967, tape a few times in Germany on the, for example, in Cologne in November 1966 with the Lords , where the band five pieces, as usual, destroyed the stage after.

Around the same time were rumors that Moon and Entwistle a band Jimmy Page wanted to join. After a few samples of a joint work was, however, rejected that. The name of his band, other musicians chose to Page to a statement Moons that a band crash “around” like a leaden Page airship would (“The band will go over like a lead zeppelin”). [7] To clarify the term was the “a” crossed out, so the name Led Zeppelin was born – the band later became one of the most successful rock bands.

Tommy, Woodstock and the creative peak:

1969 Pete Townshend wrote the rock opera Tommy , the one major success was developing. These recordings were based The Who to the Pretty Things , the 1968 SF Sorrow first rock opera ever published was probably the one with the but commercially unrewarding. [8] Content Guru, the opera by Townshend’s Indian Meher Baba affected. [9] In 1974 a film adaptation with Roger Daltrey as Tommy, the other band members and musicians Tina Turner , Elton John , Eric Clapton and the actors Ann-Margret and Jack Nicholson . In addition to this feature film by director Ken Russell Tommy, the contents of even ballet and musicals as implemented. After the earliest recordings were built more easily, took the complexity greatly with Tommy. The extended tour with ecstatic stage performances and a mostly complete performance of the opera made the group one of the hottest live bands of the time.

Another success was the appearance at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969, the band for the U.S. dollar was 11.200, [10] what their financial situation greatly improved. Due to the impending financial bankruptcy demanded the tape be paid in cash, as it would otherwise not occur. [11] As Abbie Hoffman , leader of the so-called Yippie movement , the stage during the passage Tommy wanted to enter the site, a speech against the arrest of John Sinclair to hold sales, Townshend that by force of the stage. [12] The band played in the dead of night and finished her tour in the morning. The popularity continued to grow through the Woodstock film, which ran in theaters worldwide, and contains excerpts from Tommy.

As a contrast to 1970, Tommy Live at Leeds published. On the original LP tracks, only six were included, including three cover versions of songs that the Who were part of the repertoire (including Summertime Blues ). Of sound and presentation reminded Live at Leeds aware of a bootleg recording. The LP is still considered one of the best live albums. The concert was almost complete but only published in 2001 as a double CD.

After another appearance at the ” Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, designed Townshend with the “Life House Project” is another rock opera in place of Tommy. Conceived as a sort of multimedia project about the power of music and Townshend in the press loudly announced, was “Life House” from the remaining band members recorded more skeptical. Then suffered Townshend a nervous breakdown . The song appeared as originally planned not as a double-concept album, but have been gradually as singles, subsequent albums or on Townshend’s solo albums released on. Who’s Next 1971 Life House contains the bulk of ” “compositions, among them Will not Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes Baba O’Riley and some of the most Who-pieces that will be played on almost every concert until today. The “Lifehouse” project was only in 1999 with a radio play and a concert performance in 2000 – with Townshend, but without The Who – its completion.

1973 arrived with the double-LP Quadrophenia but then another rock opera. commercial success of Tommy Without achieving the ‘concept album represents the many with the previous album Who’s Next the climax of the artistic creation of The Who dar. The album was enclosed a picture book with an introductory text that clarified the plot. The theme of Quadrophenia’s coming of age of Jimmy, a British Mod . In 1979, it contains the story of the street battles between the mods, rockers and police, with the same title film and is considered accurate description of the situation of young people in England in the mid 60s. [13] The tour for the album proved to be disastrous. Backing tapes, which should enable the multi-layered sound of the album on stage to reproduce, not working properly and interfere with the improvising and anarchic character of a Who concert, the band there was a tendency, a few pieces of live darzubieten only. A complete performance of Quadrophenia – with several guest musicians – there were only 1996/1997.

On the Quadrophenia tour followed a creative break. In the early 1970s had published all the members various solo projects. Townshend went back to Tommy, first as an orchestrated version, then in the form of film soundtracks, where, in addition to Daltrey in the title role, the band also appears briefly. Entwistle put Odds & Sods together a collection of rarities and B-sides by The Who.

1975 the band recorded the album together The Who by Numbers on. Townshend has 30 themed his midlife crisis and the album was accordingly autobiographical and introspective. The band toured again, but with a greatest hits set, which contained few if any, new pieces up.


Tom Petty



Petty finished in 1968, the High School and went for a year at the College . His first band, The Sundowners changed its name to Epic in briefly. The band quickly gained a local reputation. 1970 Mudcrutch, the band was renamed. In performances, they often shared the stage with another distinguished group: Lynyrd Skynyrd . Mudcrutch had their own music and combined the influence of British bands with the California style of the Byrds , Buffalo Springfield and The Flying Burrito Brothers . In 1974 she got a first recording contract.
Tom Petty is a second marriage married.


Led Zeppelin

Plant (left) and Page (right) in concert during the North American tour of 1977Led Zeppelin was a group English of rock , considered one of the most important of the genre and one of the most popular during the decade of the seventies . Founded in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page , who had belonged to The Yardbirds , to include training in John Paul Jones as bassist and keyboard player (that Page knew from previous work with The Yardbirds), vocalist Robert Plant and John Bonham the battery (which had coincided with Plant in The Band of Joy).

Led Zeppelin had elements of a broad spectrum of influences, including blues , the rock and roll , the soul , the Celtic music , the Indian music , the Arabic, folk , and even the country .


Whitney Houston

Whitney-HoustonWhitney Elizabeth Houston, known as Whitney Houston ( Newark , 9 August 1963 ), is a singer and actress American .

Is recognized as one of the most famous, iconic and talented singers of all time, often called simply “The Voice” (ie “The Voice”) and power, purity and perfection of her voice.
His great success in the eighties led to the opening of markets hitherto closed to singers of color. His first two albums, Whitney Houston and Whitney , in fact, are among the best-selling female album in history. With them, the singer has dominated the world rankings, particularly the Billboard Hot 100 , which has placed seven singles in a row at number one, beating the record of five belonging to Diana Ross & The Supremes and the Beatles . In total, he collected 11 hits in the U.S. charts.

It is also one of the most successful women record: it is the fourth woman in the number of sales in the United States , with approximately 55 million records certified by the RIAA and its famous cover of I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton , sandwiched the soundtrack to the film The Bodyguard , is the biggest selling single in history by a woman, having certified more than 16 million copies sold, and the sixth best-selling in history. He also holds the second place in the artists’ color of the most successful, after Michael Jackson . It is estimated to have sold 180 million albums in total between disks and.
In 2008 the Guinness Book of World Records said Whitney the most awarded and popular artist in the world. The artist has won six Grammy Awards and holds the record for number of American Music Awards , having received 22 in all.


Jimi Hendrix

Jimi HendrixJames Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix, Seattle , USA , November 27 of 1942 – London , England , United Kingdom , September 18 of 1970 ) was a guitarist , singer and songwriter American . Is considered and frequently cited by various artists, for various journals in music, by several critics and the press in general and admiration and affection of the people as the greatest guitarist in rock history , and is one of the most innovative and influential artists in a wide range of genres.

Hendrix was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 .
In 2003 , the magazine Rolling Stone chose him as the best guitarist of all time . and in 2004 it included in its list of top artists of all time (No. 6). In 2009 , the American magazine Time placed it as the best guitar guitarist in history, ahead of Slash , BB King , Chuck Berry , Keith Richards , Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page among others.


The Doors

The Doors in 1968

The Doors in 1968

The Doors were an American rock band . The group is one of the most influential bands of the 1960s.
The band was The Doors 1965 Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek on the beach in Venice Beach ( California based). The name was inspired by the essay by Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception ( The Doors of Perception ), since the experiences of his Morrison Meskalinkonsums expansion of its perception as felt. Aldous Huxley took the title of his essay by quoting William Blake’s ” The Marriage of Heaven and Hell . ” It states:

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite
If the doors of perception cleansed, the people would all appear as it really is: infinite
After Morrison Manzarek recited some of his compositions (including Moonlight Drive), was that of Morrison’s poetic potential so impressed him that he proposed the formation of a band.



capone-n-noreagaCapone-N-Noreaga (or CNN) is a rap group East Coast consists of two rappers Capone (born Kiam Holley on 8 February 1976 ) and Noreaga (born Victor Santiago on September 6 1976 ).

Capone and Noreaga grow both in the Bourroughs of Queens in New York , respectively, in the famous city of Queensbridge and that of Lefrak City , both known for their poverty and violence because of the proliferation of crack cocaine. They met in 1992 when they both worked in the canteen of the penitentiary where they were serving their sentences. They then signed in 1996 on the label of rapper Tragedy Khadafi before entering the famous magazine’s Unsigned Hype The Source . Their band name refers to the famous U.S. chain, which will make them a reputation for street reporters.


Missy Elliott

missy_elliottMissy Elliott was one of the first female superstars of hip-hop. As a rapper / singer, she had several hits such as One Minute Man, All N My Grill or Get Ur Freak On. In addition, it is one of the most successful songwriters and producers in the Hip Hop and R & B scene. So she wrote among other hits for Aaliyah , Christina Aguilera , Destiny’s Child , Monica , Pink , Janet Jackson , Mya , Mariah Carey , Tweet and Whitney Houston – often with her producing partner Timbaland , with whom she is friends with her since childhood.

In 2003 she gave up her well worn by then middle name Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott.

Early career
In the late 1980s formed Elliott, LaShawn Shellman, Chonita Radiah Scott Coleman and the R & B band Sista. Missy Elliott sang and wrote the texts for the group and made her colleagues with childhood friend Timothy “DJ Tiny Tim” Mosley known to them as of early demo tracks to produce executive producers already started. 1991-producer was Jodeci Devante Swing attention to the group, as they led him to tour his group shared an A cappella songs by Jodeci for pre lengths. Shortly thereafter, Sista covered with Mosley – the swing in rechristened Timbaland – and friend Melvin “Magoo” Barcliff to New York, where she DeVante Elektra sublabel Swing Mob signed a contract.


Nine Inch Nails

Nine-Inch-Nails-concert-in-Santa-BarbaraNine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN) is a band U.S. of industrial rock founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland , Ohio , United States . As its main producer , singer , composer and instrumentalist , Reznor is the only official member of Nine Inch Nails and solely responsible for the direction of the band. The music of Nine Inch Nails covers a wide range of musical genres , but maintaining a characteristic sound using electronic instruments and processing in the recording studio. After recording each new studio album , Reznor is a group of musicians for tours and concerts. They tend to be moody and make arrangements on the songs to fit a live performance. On stage, NIN often used spectacular visuals for your performances, most notably the huge light show and LED panels and some tactile serving as sequencers.