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A. R. Rahman Biography


A.R Rahman (Tamil: ஏ. ஆர். ரஹ்மான், Hindi: ऐ.आर. रहमान) (* January 6, 1966 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) is a composer, producer and musician of India.

Has sold over 200 million cassettes, one of the largest sellers of musical history. His career is tied to the movies for being a composer of many songs from Bollywood movies. It has sold over 100 million records which were published songs written for these films.

AR Rahman was early attached to music as well as information technology, located in the synthesizer , the means of renewing the Indian film music by experimenting with various new processes. He began his career with Roja (“Rose” in French, 1992 ), film in Tamil of Mani Ratnam and Rangeela (1995) of Ram Gopal Varma in Hindi .

Rahman is behind the rebirth of film music , introducing the use of computers in music movies Bollywood without abandoning the cultural heritage of India. It has been widely criticized in India for this syncretic mix of modern and traditional Indian instruments . That did not stop him from being more creative over the years and become the undisputed leader of the composers of film music in India. Each of his film music was a hit.

The ‘Mozart of Madras “(pianist Oxford graduate) presented the honor the national anthem of India with his album Vande Mataram ( 1997 ), which is a tribute to the hard-won independence of India . More recently he has composed an album called Jana-Gana-Mana , an enormous compilation of songs that play in all the major artists of Indian music .

In 2008 he composed the music for the film Slumdog Millionaire , where he won two Oscars in February 2009 .

He is the author and interpreter of Jiyo Utho Jeeto Bado, official song of the 2010 Commonwealth Games .

Rahman has sold a total of two hundred million albums, not counting pirated copies in circulation.Among the instruments used for songs, highlights of keyboards like piano, or drum, also include the guitar.


Matchbox 20 Biography


Origin    Orlando, Florida, USA
Genres Alternative rock
Pop rock
Years active

Matchbox Twenty (originally Matchbox 20) is a rock band from Orlando, Florida. Besides the five band members, Rob Thomas, Brian Yale, Paul Doucette, Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook producer Matt Serletic is considered the unofficial sixth member. Globally, the band sold over 20 million albums, making it count as one of the successful bands of recent years. Singles such as Push, 3 AM, If You’re Gone, Bent and other Matchbox Twenty said plus a number of U.S. hits was a long time in the Adult Top 40 than any other band.

Banda History

Rob Thomas, Brian Yale (aka Pookie) and Paul Doucette first played in the band Tabitha’s Secret, before 1995, along with Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook, Matchbox 20 was based.

2000 changed with the release of their second album, Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty, the spelling of the name of the band Matchbox 20 to Matchbox Twenty.

After nearly two matchbox twenty years in the course of this album were just on tour, they were allowed a break in October 2001, at the time to look after their own family and other projects. So wrote the lead singer of the band, Rob Thomas, this time including songs from Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Carlos Santana and Marc Anthony. Guitarist Kyle Cook worked with his second band, The New Left and drummer Paul Doucette and guitarist Adam Gaynor tried his hand at songwriting.

In April 2002, Matchbox Twenty concert took place on the occasion of Willie Nelson & Friends: Stars & Guitars in Nashville back together.

The work on their third album, More than you think it is officially launched in June 2002 at the famous Bearsville studios in rural Woodstock, New York. The final work was then held at the Hit Factory in New York. For the first time on this album, unlike the previous one, in which Rob Thomas acted as the main songwriter and articles to show, in which co-wrote the rest of the band (Feel, Paul Soul Ducette and Kyle Cook) sometimes even exclusively (Could you by Paul Ducette).

In May 2004, was released concert DVD Show: A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty on the addition to the 20 songs on the first record additional material, such as letters and documents are represented in the second.

Since the last release, the band has taken a sabbatical to pursue their own projects and interests. Said Rob Thomas had already been several successful as soloists.

Adam Gaynor officially left the group in February 2005.

2007 he released the album “Exile on Mainstream” the quartet is happening now as a group. Besides the five new titles, which contains a compilation of the most successful singles in recent years.


The Notorious B.I.G Biography

notorious_big_performingThe Notorious BIG (* May 21 1972 in Brooklyn , New York City ; † March 9 1997 in Los Angeles , California , really Christopher George Latore Wallace), also known as Biggie, Biggie Smalls, Frank White was known, an American Rapper -1990s.

Artistic career
Christopher Wallace gained first attention by working with Mary J. Blige . When he at Bad Boy Entertainment , the record label of Sean Combs then under stage name Puff Daddy activity there was a contract, he met his future wife, R & B singer Faith Evans know that also was under contract there. In 1994 he released his debut album , the platinum status and reached 2006 by the magazine Time ‘s 100 most important albums was designated as one.

At the Billboard Awards in 1995 won “Biggie” in the category Best Rap Artist. During this time he met Lil ‘Kim , for which he became the lover and mentor. He brought his Posse Junior MAFIA (Junior Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes) in contact. The group released 1995 debut album Conspiracy, on the next Lil ‘Kim and Lil ‘Cease and Biggie rapped itself.


Dave Matthews Band



David John Matthews, born on January 9th of 1967 in South Africa , naturalized American , who won the Grammy for his work as singer and guitarist Dave Matthews Band .
He also made solo albums, many of which involved the collaboration of Tim Reynolds . An occasional actor, he appeared in two movies and an episode of the series ” House . ” He is currently participating in the filming of three films.


Big Head Todd

Big-Head-ToddBig Head Todd & the Monsters is a rock band formed in 1986 in Colorado. The band has released a number of albums since 1989 with their 1993 album Sister Sweetly going platinum in the United States. The band has developed a sizable live following especially in the Mountain States of the United States.

The band was formed in 1986 with Todd Park Mohr on guitar and vocals, Brian Nevin on drums and vocals and Rob Squires on bass and vocals.The trio had attended Columbine High School together. Mohr attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado and transferred to the University of Colorado to join Nevin and Squires. The three began touring clubs in Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder as Big Head Todd and the Monsters in 1987. The band soon built up a following throughout Colorado and the West. They toured extensively throughout the Mountain States and West Coast of the United States in their van dubbed ‘The Colonel’, which clocked up over 400,000 miles.


Ben Harper

Ben HarperBenjamin Chase “Ben” Harper (born 28 October 1969 in Claremont, California) is a guitarist , songwriter and singer, American, accompanied by various bands back ( The Innocent Criminals , The Blind Boys of Alabama , Relentless Seven ) with whom he practice a music mixing influences folk , blues , gospel , rock , funk and reggae . Since 2008 , Ben Harper has embarked on a new musical project to a more rock in the group Relentless7 .

Ben Harper began playing guitar during his childhood in California and especially the acoustic guitar (Weissenborn called, named after the German instrument maker who manufactured the first in the early 20th century). In 1992 , accompanied by a guitarist friend, Tom Freund , he recorded his first LP ( Pleasure and Pain ). This disc draws the attention of producers, which led him to sign a contract with Virgin Records to release his first album Welcome to the Cruel World , which received very favorably.


Agents of Good Roots



Agents of Good Roots was an American rock band from Richmond, Virginia.

The group formed in 1995 and toured heavily on college campuses in the middle of the decade. They independently released two records before signing to RCA Records, after which they toured with Dave Matthews Band and scored two rock radio hits, “Come On” and “Smiling Up the Frown”. The band recorded a single music video, entitled “Come On (Let Your Blood Come Alive)” in 1998 which was paired with the release of their RCA album, “One by One”. It is still available on the iTunes Music store as of 2010 and played briefly on MTV during the summer months of 1998.


The Who

the-whoThe Who is one of the most important English rock bands of the 1960s – and 1970 ‘s. At first she was considered a “wheel combo, as part of the Mod movement at the hard end of the ” British invasion was to be found. ” In her music and her appearance representing the four Englishmen in the early years compared to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones more aggressive variant of the British rock music.

Later they got through the publication of the concept album Tommy and Quadrophenia high degree of popularity and are now considered as one of the most influential rock bands of all time. The band is still musically active and touring regularly. After the death of Keith Moon (1978) and John Entwistle (2002) are now only the guitarist Pete Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey of the founding members left.

Founding and success with My Generation
To 1959, Roger Daltrey – then as the lead guitarist – in the North West London, the school band The Detours. Between 1961 and 1962, first met the bassist John Entwistle and then the guitarist Pete Townshend to do so. All three initially attended the same school in Acton. Because of the same competition group named the band in February 1964 into The Who. A little later replaced the drummer Keith Moon the much older Doug Sandom, and the cult of Mod strongly influenced public relations manager Peter Meaden changed the band name again. As The High Numbers Suit in July 1964, the first written by Meaden Single I’m The Face / Zoot published. The band did not succeed, what did not change until, as with Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, a new management took over the business. Getting attention in the press became the group that is now The Who called back by her first television appearance in which she instruments destroyed her. According Daltrey band had initially only about 100 pounds Appearance receive pro, but to part of equipment destroyed by a higher value. In the year 1964 marked the band for their own style of music the term “Maximum R & B “.

A hit parade success was already the first EP, the band released under the new name. I
Can not Explain the beginning of 1965 reached number eight of the UK singles chart, the following single Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere tenth place. The first album, entitled My Generation came out in December of that year. The songs reaped positive response from the young Beat audience. On extensive club tours were playing The Who My Generation at the time, so this piece into a kind of anthem a lot of the English youth was for. [5] After a series of successful hit singles (My Generation, Substitute, I’ma Boy, The Kids Are Alright, Happy Jack) brought the band in 1967, the counterpart of the LP Sgt Pepper’s The Beatles and the album Their Satanic Majesties Request The Rolling Stones out the album The Who Sell Out . [6] The commercial success was modest, so the group – with their expensive orgies of destruction during the live performances also causes – financial problems received. 1966 and 1967, tape a few times in Germany on the, for example, in Cologne in November 1966 with the Lords , where the band five pieces, as usual, destroyed the stage after.

Around the same time were rumors that Moon and Entwistle a band Jimmy Page wanted to join. After a few samples of a joint work was, however, rejected that. The name of his band, other musicians chose to Page to a statement Moons that a band crash “around” like a leaden Page airship would (“The band will go over like a lead zeppelin”). [7] To clarify the term was the “a” crossed out, so the name Led Zeppelin was born – the band later became one of the most successful rock bands.

Tommy, Woodstock and the creative peak:

1969 Pete Townshend wrote the rock opera Tommy , the one major success was developing. These recordings were based The Who to the Pretty Things , the 1968 SF Sorrow first rock opera ever published was probably the one with the but commercially unrewarding. [8] Content Guru, the opera by Townshend’s Indian Meher Baba affected. [9] In 1974 a film adaptation with Roger Daltrey as Tommy, the other band members and musicians Tina Turner , Elton John , Eric Clapton and the actors Ann-Margret and Jack Nicholson . In addition to this feature film by director Ken Russell Tommy, the contents of even ballet and musicals as implemented. After the earliest recordings were built more easily, took the complexity greatly with Tommy. The extended tour with ecstatic stage performances and a mostly complete performance of the opera made the group one of the hottest live bands of the time.

Another success was the appearance at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969, the band for the U.S. dollar was 11.200, [10] what their financial situation greatly improved. Due to the impending financial bankruptcy demanded the tape be paid in cash, as it would otherwise not occur. [11] As Abbie Hoffman , leader of the so-called Yippie movement , the stage during the passage Tommy wanted to enter the site, a speech against the arrest of John Sinclair to hold sales, Townshend that by force of the stage. [12] The band played in the dead of night and finished her tour in the morning. The popularity continued to grow through the Woodstock film, which ran in theaters worldwide, and contains excerpts from Tommy.

As a contrast to 1970, Tommy Live at Leeds published. On the original LP tracks, only six were included, including three cover versions of songs that the Who were part of the repertoire (including Summertime Blues ). Of sound and presentation reminded Live at Leeds aware of a bootleg recording. The LP is still considered one of the best live albums. The concert was almost complete but only published in 2001 as a double CD.

After another appearance at the ” Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, designed Townshend with the “Life House Project” is another rock opera in place of Tommy. Conceived as a sort of multimedia project about the power of music and Townshend in the press loudly announced, was “Life House” from the remaining band members recorded more skeptical. Then suffered Townshend a nervous breakdown . The song appeared as originally planned not as a double-concept album, but have been gradually as singles, subsequent albums or on Townshend’s solo albums released on. Who’s Next 1971 Life House contains the bulk of ” “compositions, among them Will not Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes Baba O’Riley and some of the most Who-pieces that will be played on almost every concert until today. The “Lifehouse” project was only in 1999 with a radio play and a concert performance in 2000 – with Townshend, but without The Who – its completion.

1973 arrived with the double-LP Quadrophenia but then another rock opera. commercial success of Tommy Without achieving the ‘concept album represents the many with the previous album Who’s Next the climax of the artistic creation of The Who dar. The album was enclosed a picture book with an introductory text that clarified the plot. The theme of Quadrophenia’s coming of age of Jimmy, a British Mod . In 1979, it contains the story of the street battles between the mods, rockers and police, with the same title film and is considered accurate description of the situation of young people in England in the mid 60s. [13] The tour for the album proved to be disastrous. Backing tapes, which should enable the multi-layered sound of the album on stage to reproduce, not working properly and interfere with the improvising and anarchic character of a Who concert, the band there was a tendency, a few pieces of live darzubieten only. A complete performance of Quadrophenia – with several guest musicians – there were only 1996/1997.

On the Quadrophenia tour followed a creative break. In the early 1970s had published all the members various solo projects. Townshend went back to Tommy, first as an orchestrated version, then in the form of film soundtracks, where, in addition to Daltrey in the title role, the band also appears briefly. Entwistle put Odds & Sods together a collection of rarities and B-sides by The Who.

1975 the band recorded the album together The Who by Numbers on. Townshend has 30 themed his midlife crisis and the album was accordingly autobiographical and introspective. The band toured again, but with a greatest hits set, which contained few if any, new pieces up.


Tom Petty



Petty finished in 1968, the High School and went for a year at the College . His first band, The Sundowners changed its name to Epic in briefly. The band quickly gained a local reputation. 1970 Mudcrutch, the band was renamed. In performances, they often shared the stage with another distinguished group: Lynyrd Skynyrd . Mudcrutch had their own music and combined the influence of British bands with the California style of the Byrds , Buffalo Springfield and The Flying Burrito Brothers . In 1974 she got a first recording contract.
Tom Petty is a second marriage married.



MadonnaMadonna ( August 16th 1958 in Bay City , Michigan as Madonna Louise Ciccone, since their communion in 1967 as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is an American singer , actress , songwriter , author and designer .

Madonna was with hits such as Like a Virgin (1984), Vogue (1990) and Hung Up (2005) to a pop icon . According to RIAA, IFPI, Guinness World Records Madonna has sold more than 380 million records, so that Madonna is the most commercially successful singer in the world. Also, according to edition of the Guinness Book of World Records 2010 is Madonna, with 75 million albums sold in the U.S. and more than 125 million outside the top selling artist of all time.