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Tupac Shakur Photos

L ' MGM Grand Las Vegas , the hotel where Tupac, a few hours before his death, he had a fight.

L ' MGM Grand Las Vegas , the hotel where Tupac, a few hours before his death, he had a fight.

Shoes of Nike with the face of Tupac

Shoes of Nike with the face of Tupac

Statue of Shakur at MARTa of Herford in Germany

Statue of Shakur at MARTa of Herford in Germany

The producer and rapper Eminem , producer of Loyal to the Game

The producer and rapper Eminem , producer of Loyal to the Game

The singer Faith Evans , Notorious BIG's widow

The singer Faith Evans , Notorious BIG's widow

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tupac Amaru Shakur


Tupac Shakur

Tupac-ShakurTupac Amaru Shakur ( New York , 16 June 1971 – Las Vegas , September 13 1996 ) was a rapper , actor , activist and poet U.S.
Artist rap ‘s great success, much to be considered one of the pillars of the genre despite the untimely death , in his career he has also used the alias MC New York , 2Pac , Pac , and Makaveli . Despite his short career has had perhaps the greatest media success among artists hip hop in the nineties, and has contributed ultimately to greatly increase the popularity of rap music.

Tupac has released a total of 25 albums, of which seventeen studies (11 posthumously), two live records and collected all six posthumously. Many of his songs focus on the difficult life in the ghetto , the racism and social problems in general, but also clashes with other rappers, abuse of alcohol and drugs and violence among street gangs.
According to the Guinness Book of Records , Tupac Shakur was considered the rapper who has sold more in the Hip Hop scene accredit the various sources up to 120 million records , referred to 65 from 37.5 million in the United States .



Puff Daddy

sean-combs/Puff daddySean John Combs (born November 8 1969 in Harlem , New York ), also known as Diddy, P. Diddy, Sean John, Puff Daddy or Puffy, formerly Bad Boy is an American rapper , record producer , actor and fashion designer .

In the early 1990s, he worked as a production assistant at Uptown Records before joining in 1993 his own record label Bad Boy Records founder and artists like The Notorious BIG , Junior Mafia , Lil ‘Kim and Craig Mack produced.

After his friend Notorious BIG was shot, he started his own singing career in 1997 with the release of the album No Way Out, which with a Grammy award. It contained songs such as It’s All About the Money, Can not nobody hold me down or I’ll Be Missing You. The latter was a cover version of the hit “Every Breath You Take by The Police . The song, also on the Notorious BIG’s widow Faith Evans participated should be a tribute to the rapper. At the MTV Video Music Awards , he played this song with Sting , former lead singer of The Police .


Hot Boys

hot boysThe Hot Boys were a group the United States of hip hop from New Orleans , which consisted of BG , Juvenile , Lil Wayne , and Turk . Were part of the popular record label Cash Money Records , and were active four years from 1997 to 2001 .

The success seemed to grow without restraint, but this progression was shaken by the incident when two members of the Hot Boys left Cash Money. The problems came when the label Juvenile and BG, questioned the financial status of Brian Williams , CEO of Cash Money. Some artists say they feel cheated because they used their earnings to their luxurious habits. The first to leave the house was BG (accusing Brian “Baby” Williams did not pay even a dollar for albums released before 1998 ), later, in 2001 Juvenile (claiming that he had only received half of the money accumulated on the road 4 years, nor true payment received by the rightful platinum album 400 Degreez) and Turk did too, leaving only Big Tymers and Lil Wayne, who continued his solo career.

The term “Hot Boys” was adopted by four friends from Magnolia Projects in New Orleans because of his penchant for wearing red and have all sorts of luxuries in the neighborhood. Gangsta, Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito were thugs from the streets of New Orleans, and it was rumored that when the Hot Boys left the streets, the murder rate decreased.

Terrance “Gangsta” Williams was one of 25 children who had Terrance Among his siblings were Mr. Ronald and Brian Williams, Cash Money recods creators. They realized that at a funeral, where coincidentally, Ronald Terrance met and had a conversation without knowing they were brothers, at the end of it, eventually discovering that they were brothers. Terrance worked with his brothers in the development of his company, Cash Money. When artists – who later would form Hot Boys – decided to join a supergroup, Terrance left the name of your group with the promising artists. The “Hot Boys” were born.
Of the original Hot Boys, Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito were killed, and Terrance, now serving a life sentence for ordering several murders.

The group has released three albums, Get It How You Live (400,000 sales), Guerrilla Warfare (1.6 million sales) and Let’em Burn (500,000 sales).


Da Brat

Da bartShawntae Harris aka Da Brat, or Brat-Tat-Tat (born 14 April 1974 in Chicago to the U.S. ) is a rapper original African-American . In English, “Da Brat” (for “The Brat”) can be translated as “The brat.”

She was spotted by producer Jermaine Dupri during a rap contest held during the tour of Kris Kross in 1993, amazed by his energetic and ultra-fast phrasing. The following year she recorded her first studio album Funkdafied entirely produced by Dupri. The mixture of gangsta rap, funk and air tomboy will the success of this album sold over a million copies. A record at that time for a rapper. The growing popularity of Da Brat will allow him to work with the cream of American rappers and singers like The Notorious BIG , Mariah Carey , Lil ‘Kim , Missy Elliott , Destiny’s Child or Jagged Edge .


Big Pun

Big punBig Punisher (Big Pun for short), was born with the name of Christopher Lee Rios on November 9th of 1971 at South Park in Houston, Texas. He died on February 7 of 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a rapper of origin Puerto Rican who emerged from the underground scene in the Bronx in late 1990 . Appeared on albums by Raekwon , The Beatnuts ( 1997 – the song, “Off the Books”) and Fat Joe , eventually signing with Loud Records. He fought all his life with a weight problem until the February 7, 2000, suffered a heart attack and died weighing 337 pounds.

Born into a Latino community in the South Park Houston, during his early years in the world of hip hop, Christopher Rios practiced basketball, boxing and other sports. He met his now widowed wife Liza. At 5 years, broke his leg in the Municipal Park in Manhattan . 10 years later, at 15, Pun left school in Stevenson High School. His best friend Carlos Coy or South Park Mexican. Rios began writing for his raps during the decade of the 80′s to the point of being Full A Clips Crew with Triple Seis , Cuban Link and Prospect. After partnering in 1995 with fellow native of Puerto Rico and the Bronx, Fat Joe, in 1995, Pun made his commercial debut Jealous Ones Envy (JOE), a subject of the second album by Fat Joe.

After released “I’m Not a Player” (O’Jays sample) who triumphed in the underground. The remix, “Still Not a Player” (with Joe), was the most commercially successful Latin rapper. His debut, Capital Punishment ( 1998 ) was the first album by a Latin rapper to be platinum. Following this success, he joined ” Terror Squad “, a group of Latino rappers from New York founded by Fat Joe, who constantly worried about the weight of Big Pun. Pun wanted to lose weight. He went to North Carolina and lost 100 pounds, but on his return to New York regained the weight he lost.

His second album, Yeeeah Baby, was released shortly after his death in March 2000 . A second posthumous album, third in his career, Endangered Species, was published in 2001 , a collection of greatest hits with new material, collaborations and some of his best remixes to see you. In 2006, Sony announced the release of a third posthumous album with unreleased tracks, but still delaying.

Pun’s followers praise his complicated combinations of rhymes, his excellent play on words, the skill with which he maintained his relentless pace and flow, leading to breathlessness despite its enormous weight.

Big pun official site



Kittie was founded in 1996 by Morgan and Mercedes Lander. Fallon Bowman was added, as she and Mercedes are met in physical education. Their first bassist was Tanya Candler, who left but in the winter of 1996 (before the first album) the band due to health problems. It was replaced by Talena Atfield.

2001 Fallon Bowman left Kittie and started a new project called Amphibious Assault. Fallon’s position on the guitar was later replaced by Jeff Phillips, who had previously worked as a guitar technician Kitties. He played but only at live performances in public and was never regarded as a full member of the band.



N’ Sync Music

Album details

  • *NSYNC

  • Released: March 24, 1998
  • No Strings Attached



Jussi Bjorling Albums

maestro‘Best Recordings, Vol. 1: Jussi Bjorling’
Release Date 1/13/2008
Tracks 17

‘The Bjorling: The King of Tenors’
Release Date 4/27/1999
Tracks 17
Label Hallmark

‘Skansen Concert 1952′

Release Date 12/16/1997
Tracks 5
Label Bluebell

‘Jussi Bjorling Edition: Studio Recordings 1930-1959′
Release Date 11/11/1997
Tracks 49
Label Capitol

‘Jussi Bjorling: His Last Performances’
Release Date 1/1/1997
Tracks 16
Label Gala

‘Grona Lund Recordings, Vol. 2′
Release Date 6/28/1994
Tracks 21
Label Bluebell

‘The Atlanta Recital, April 13, 1959′
Release Date 1/1/1959
Label Bluebell