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A. R. Rahman Biography


A.R Rahman (Tamil: ஏ. ஆர். ரஹ்மான், Hindi: ऐ.आर. रहमान) (* January 6, 1966 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) is a composer, producer and musician of India.

Has sold over 200 million cassettes, one of the largest sellers of musical history. His career is tied to the movies for being a composer of many songs from Bollywood movies. It has sold over 100 million records which were published songs written for these films.

AR Rahman was early attached to music as well as information technology, located in the synthesizer , the means of renewing the Indian film music by experimenting with various new processes. He began his career with Roja (“Rose” in French, 1992 ), film in Tamil of Mani Ratnam and Rangeela (1995) of Ram Gopal Varma in Hindi .

Rahman is behind the rebirth of film music , introducing the use of computers in music movies Bollywood without abandoning the cultural heritage of India. It has been widely criticized in India for this syncretic mix of modern and traditional Indian instruments . That did not stop him from being more creative over the years and become the undisputed leader of the composers of film music in India. Each of his film music was a hit.

The ‘Mozart of Madras “(pianist Oxford graduate) presented the honor the national anthem of India with his album Vande Mataram ( 1997 ), which is a tribute to the hard-won independence of India . More recently he has composed an album called Jana-Gana-Mana , an enormous compilation of songs that play in all the major artists of Indian music .

In 2008 he composed the music for the film Slumdog Millionaire , where he won two Oscars in February 2009 .

He is the author and interpreter of Jiyo Utho Jeeto Bado, official song of the 2010 Commonwealth Games .

Rahman has sold a total of two hundred million albums, not counting pirated copies in circulation.Among the instruments used for songs, highlights of keyboards like piano, or drum, also include the guitar.