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Vitamin C

Vitamin C


vitaminc1Vitamin C was born in Old Bridge, New Jersey and always had a strong love for dance. As a girl she had an extensive record collection, her favorites being the Beatles, Beach Boys, Blondie and the Breeders. Her early visions of super-stardom began to absorb her and she became almost obsessed with the idea of playing in a band.

Always searching for that certain “edgy” chemistry in each band that she was a part of, Vitamin C was eventually drawn to the group Eve’s Plum. She spent a significant amount of time with the band, and after two highly praised LP’s, she left them on good terms, and could not wait to start a career on her own. Looking for a funky/fresh persona that she could call her own, Vitamin C knew that she had a lot to offer from herself, ideas that even she had not yet become aware of. In 1998, Vitamin C began working under a deal she had made with Elektra Sr. VP of A&R for Elektra, Josh Deutsch, spotted vitamin c picture, graduation songVitamin C’s individuality right from the beginning. His background includes production as well as writing experience, and he was even a songwriter for EMI publishing at one point. The two clicked almost immediately, with Josh co-writing and producing a few of the tracks with Vitamin C. With the help of other producers that Deutsch brought on to the team, one of them being Garry Hughes (who has worked with Trevor Horn for many years), they were able to make Vitamin C’s dream a reality. Vitamin C now has two top 40 singles to call her own and many many projects in place for the upcoming months; she is the spokeswoman for Tommy Hilfiger’s new Vitamin C lipstick and her own Mattel doll as well.

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