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Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur

Tupac-ShakurTupac Amaru Shakur ( New York , 16 June 1971 – Las Vegas , September 13 1996 ) was a rapper , actor , activist and poet U.S.
Artist rap ‘s great success, much to be considered one of the pillars of the genre despite the untimely death , in his career he has also used the alias MC New York , 2Pac , Pac , and Makaveli . Despite his short career has had perhaps the greatest media success among artists hip hop in the nineties, and has contributed ultimately to greatly increase the popularity of rap music.

Tupac has released a total of 25 albums, of which seventeen studies (11 posthumously), two live records and collected all six posthumously. Many of his songs focus on the difficult life in the ghetto , the racism and social problems in general, but also clashes with other rappers, abuse of alcohol and drugs and violence among street gangs.
According to the Guinness Book of Records , Tupac Shakur was considered the rapper who has sold more in the Hip Hop scene accredit the various sources up to 120 million records , referred to 65 from 37.5 million in the United States .

Childhood and Adolescence

Tupac Shakur was born on 16 June 1971 at New York Hospital Univesity . His mother, Afeni Shakur , was a member of the Black Panthers and was in jail at the time of pregnancy, for having placed an explosive device in a building in New York . She was released one month before Tupac was born. Shakur’s real name was Lesane Parish Crooks, but six years was renamed Tupac Amaru Shakur (tupac from that in Quechua means shining serpent and Shakur in Arabic means thankful to God), in honor of Tupac Amaru II , Revolutionary Peru and leader of a revolt against the Spanish colonizers. His father, Billy Graland, abandoned the family after the birth of Tupac Shakur was therefore Mutulu, his godfather and his mother’s first husband, to take the place of his father. With regard to its origins, Shakur said:

Never Knew I Was Where My father or my father who Was for sure.

I never knew for sure where my father was not who he was.

Much of the growth of Tupac revolved around the philosophy of the Black Panthers. Tupac lived with his mother and sister living in extreme poverty because the lack of a permanent home forced him to go to homeless shelters as a result, retained few friends and instead devoted himself to composing poems , writing a diary for keep busy. At the age of twelve, Shakur joined a theater company in Harlem and played the role of Travis in A Raisin in the Sun.

He was offered a contract to ‘age of 13 years, but his mother Afeni refused, saying that his son was still much to learn about the world before entering the’ music industry .
At the age of fifteen, he moved with his mother in Baltimore , in Maryland , where he was accepted into the Baltimore School for the Art Tupac loved his classes and had the opportunity to study theater, dance and other arts. Also met Jada Koren Pinkett , wife of Will Smith , with whom formed a strong friendship. Tupac, while still fifteen, already openly expressed his views on racial equality. His teachers remember him as a very gifted student: he was an avid reader, studying books on Eastern religions , or even entire volumes of encyclopedia . He earned the respect of children in Baltimore with his tough stance during this period and wrote his first rap signed with the alias “MC New York”. The song, inspired by the killing of a close friend, was the problem of firearms and their control.

On 12 November 1991 the twenty Shakur released his acclaimed album 2Pacalypse Now . The record, even if produced with the help of his crew to Digital Underground, was intended to showcase the talents of individual Shakur. Tupac gained the applause of the audience for his ability to mix tracks containing strong individual messages, which expressed his respect for black mothers only (Brenda’s Got A Baby and Part Time Mutha) and dealt with the problems of racism and life in ghetto .

The album was a great success, thanks to word of mouth among young people, getting the gold , and Brenda’s Got a Baby was a constant presence on the charts U.S. . While Shakur claimed that his album would describe the problems that young black men faced, it was also filled with images of violence by and against the police. 2Pacalypse Now quickly attracted criticism on themselves, especially after a young man, after killing a police officer in Texas, claimed to have been inspired by the album. The former vice president of the United States Dan Quayle for his campaign for morality, publicly denounced the album by declaring that he should not have “no place in our society.” However, there has been as successful as the albums that followed, especially for the quality of rough beats and the poor reputation of the artist.

Problems with the law
Along with fame, Shakur came a series of problems with the law that further complicated his public image. Before beginning his recording career, Tupac had a clean criminal record. In Oakland in October 1991 , Tupac was stopped by two officers for allegedly crossing the street without paying attention to traffic and dangerous. When he told the police “fuck y’all” (“fuck you all”), was grabbed by the throat, banged her head on the asphalt and then beaten. After the incident sued for ten million dollars against the Oakland Police Department, which was eventually settled for $ 42,000.

Then, in 1992 , was arrested after being involved in a brawl at an outdoor festival in Marin City, which culminated with the death of a 6 year old boy hit by a stray bullet, the charges against him were withdrawn after that Shakur came to an agreement with the child’s parents.

In October 1993 , Shakur came upon two off-duty police officers whom he perceived as harassing a black motorist on the side of a road in Atlanta. Shakur got into a fight with two policemen, who fired (one in the leg, one in the buttocks). He faced serious charges until it was discovered that during the incident both officers were intoxicated and were using weapons stolen from an evidence locker. The charges against Shakur were again withdrawn.

On 16 February 1993 he published Tupac Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ . The album went on platinum [14] and included the hit I Get Around and Keep Ya Head Up , songs that exemplified the description which Tupac was of himself: a person simultaneously violent, passionate and hard, but understanding and compassionate. Keep Ya Head Up was noted especially for his message addressed to the respect of young black women, as opposed to the criticism of men who do not comply.

In 1994 Shakur formed the group Thug Life with some friends. The training included Tupac, Big Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme and Rated R. The group released their first album Thug Life: Volume 1 on Interscope in 1994 with some success, getting the gold . The group was cited as an example of “socially conscious rapper.” The strength of the band’s lyrics are no doubt Tupac was, in fact its members had little success after his death. One of his many tattoos depicting Tupac says “Thuglife” (which means The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody (The literal translation from hatred to children sends everything to hell) on the abdomen.

The charge of sexual assault and the shooting of New York

In December 1993 , Tupac Shakur was accused of sexual assault . According to his testimony, he met a fan of his in a club, Nell’s, which was described by the rapper as a desire for “more than that to know him.” She had oral sex with Tupac on the dance floor before he took her to his room. The next night, she joined him in his hotel room before a show already planned, while she was busy give him a massage, some friends of the rapper present that night interrupted the couple also wanted to enjoy the attentions of the girl. Shakur claimed to have left the room disgusted and have gone to take a nap. The girl, disagreeing with his testimony, accused him of having encouraged the three men, pulling her hair, to abuse the girl, even sodomized. On 7 February 1995 , Shakur was sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison for allegations of sexual assault, after vehemently denied having made any crime.

Shortly before announcing the verdict, during an apparent robbery attempt outside a music studio in New York, someone fired five times at Shakur. Tupac recalled the fact in an interview shortly after Vibe. On the night of 30 November 1994 , he was with his trusted friend Stretch, manager Freddie Moore, and another friend, arrived at the studio to make records for an acquaintance, Booker, which the rapper did not trust at all. When they entered the studio, Tupac was suspicious of two black men in their thirties, both dressed in military fatigues and held that seemed to be unaware of his presence. He noted that it was not prudent for them to what it should be, because “HAD just finished smoking chronic” (he had just stopped smoking marijuana). Shakur believed that they were simply the security of Biggie ( The Notorious BIG ), which was still in friendly relations in that period.

The two men, who Shakur described it as apparently in New York, approached him with guns 9mm identical, and his friends forced him to lie on the floor. Their aggression was focused almost exclusively on Tupac, although they threatened to shoot even at Stretch. Tupac was shot only, for a total of five times while he pretended to be dead on the floor, it also robbed of gold jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

He was dragged into an elevator and taken upstairs to safety, where his friends were waiting for Biggie, Puffy , Little Caesar and others. Shakur said that his friends were behaving very strangely, almost as if they were surprised he was still alive. His first words after realizing how severe his wounds were, having been shot in the head, left thigh and groin, were “Oh shit. Roll me some weed.” (O, shit. Rollami a bit ‘of grass.)
Miraculously, he survived and a few days after he left the hospital against the wishes of the doctors, because she felt harassed by phone calls and the doctors.
Shortly after he appeared in court on a wheelchair to hear the verdict on the charge of sexual assault. Shakur began serving his sentence in the second part of that February.

On 7 September 1996 , Shakur was shot dead by five bullets, including one to the right lung, shot in the race to Las Vegas in Nevada , after witnessing a fight in boxing between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon . He died after six days of intense agony in the Hospital of the University of Nevada for the consequences of their injuries, at 4:03. It was September 13, 1996 and was only 25 years.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and the police in Compton , although they never officially solved the case, concluded that Shakur was initially struck by the Crips (one of the most famous gang in the area of Los Angeles) Southside after the Tyson fight, but after the hypothesis was disproved.

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