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The Doors

The Doors

The Doors in 1968

The Doors in 1968

The Doors were an American rock band . The group is one of the most influential bands of the 1960s.
The band was The Doors 1965 Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek on the beach in Venice Beach ( California based). The name was inspired by the essay by Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception ( The Doors of Perception ), since the experiences of his Morrison Meskalinkonsums expansion of its perception as felt. Aldous Huxley took the title of his essay by quoting William Blake’s ” The Marriage of Heaven and Hell . ” It states:

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite
If the doors of perception cleansed, the people would all appear as it really is: infinite
After Morrison Manzarek recited some of his compositions (including Moonlight Drive), was that of Morrison’s poetic potential so impressed him that he proposed the formation of a band.

Morrison and Manzarek – the latter already had experience as a band member (with his brothers he formed Rick & the Ravens) – set out to search for the right musicians, because after a few months, the brothers, Ray Manzarek, the band left (obviously they did not deal with Morrison) . After a long fruitless search, they happened to meet Robby Krieger and John Densmore in a New Age -Course, which played to complete the necessary instruments: guitar and drums .

The nature of the group was a “diamond” be why Ray Manzarek, the lack of a bassist compensated by being with one hand, the rhythmic accompaniment to a Vox Continental organ and the other the bass part on a Fender Rhodes Piano Bass played. Warriors could turn particularly Morrison by the phonetic possibilities of its bottleneck game impress.

After the band had found their ideal candidate, the road to commercial success was initially connected with great difficulties. Completing a record deal , but finding a record company, proved almost impossible. After endless requests from record labels, Morrison and Manzarek were sitting in the office of a major studio boss. As to them – after listening to the tapes brought – replied unimpressed can use to do it, Morrison stood up and said politely, “That’s okay, we do not use anyway.” The staging of the first gigs proved to be difficult.
After a few appearances as an opening act (including by Sonny and Cher ), or at birthday parties and weddings, they signed a contract with Columbia , which at that time, artists like Bob Dylan had under contract. However, no record came about because the people at Columbia decided, nothing to bring out of the Doors. Shortly afterwards, therefore, the contract was “by mutual consent” dissolved. Manzarek, however, brought the contract into the hands of a new Vox Continental organ.

The Doors played some time for little money at the Club London Fog, where he developed their unique style of music, while Jim Morrison famously there developed his stage presence. Morrison should first have been very shy and have a long time facing the audience back.

After the performances in the London Fog, they changed to the prestigious Whisky A Go-Go , in the already-known bands from Los Angeles as Love had played. After several months, with regular appearances said Morrison, one evening the hitherto relatively harmless song “The End” the Oedipal line “Father, I want to kill you, Mother I want to fuck you”, which significantly contribute should celebrity of his later. The owner of the club then forbade further performances of the band. On many recordings, and on many radio stations, the offensive line has been defaced or set the whole play on the index. Shortly afterwards the Doors Elektra Records contract.

Despite further drug experiences, especially in the early days of the Doors, Manzarek kept a certain distance from the usual at that time partial excesses, although he never categorically condemned drugs. Robby Krieger was by and large not mind now and then a “trip” to smash. John Densmore was the debauchery a little more reluctant, even he was probably a member of the band, which seemed the least fit into the structure.

Ray Manzarek shaped decisively by his organ playing the music of the band, he also improvised and guitarist Robby Krieger in long solos. The active time as Doors keyboardist Manzarek described himself as a time of highest performance, although some excess off stage, and especially the rising split personality of the lead singer Morrison looked at critically. In their live performances Manzarek was thanks to an own microphone to intervene in the events, which is why his deep, pithy voice to be heard on many live recordings. Some pieces, like “Close To You”, he sang himself owes Yet the band’s popularity, especially the perceived as charismatic singer Jim Morrison, then and now gave the group a face. Striking for The Doors was the improvisation and Morrisons eccentric appearance characterized by stage show.

After the death of Jim Morrison in 1971 in Paris brought the remaining band members recorded two albums out yet, but had no success. In April 1973, the band broke up. At a reunion concert, the three surviving Doors members, however, occurred on 26 September 2000 together again, along with several singers (including Ian Astbury of the English rock band The Cult ), the Morrisons took part.
1993 Doors were in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame included .

The year 2003 brought the band back movement in history. Ian Astbury went Manzarek and Krieger first again in the U.S. on tour, but said they had changed the band name to “The Doors Of The 21st Century”. John Densmore refused a comeback. In 2004 followed a world tour. Background for the name change is pending in the U.S. lawsuit, which was initiated by John Densmore and Jim Morrison’s parents against the other two band members. Instead of John Densmore Ty Dennis is now playing drums, and unlike earlier, the band enters with its own bassists (Angelo Barbera). On 22 July 2005 banned the Los Angeles Superior Court “Manzarek and Krieger to use the name” The Doors “and the Doors logo. In addition, the court ordered that Manzarek and Krieger have surrendered all gains from the “The Doors Of The 21st Century” to the original Doors partnership. Currently, the band performs under the name ” Riders On The Storm “on.
Another trial of the original members of the band was from the Police drummer Stewart Copeland brought that as for the newly formed band provided was a drummer first. That action was, however dismissed.
On 5 Died in January 2005, the manager of The Doors Of The 21st Century “, Danny Sugerman .
In March 2007 increased from Ian Astbury. But was hired as a singer Brett Scallions, the former lead singer of the group “Fuel” was.

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