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Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

200px-Toni_Braxton_2009_VH1_Divas_croppedOne of the most striking and distinctive-
burst voices of R & B returns to the music
business back: Toni Braxton.
With their brand new album, “Libra”, the eagerly awaited successor of the 2003 Topsellers “More Than A Woman”, is the multiple Grammy-winning creative masterpiece from it. Based on the very special way, very fine-arranged songs that Toni’s career success than a decade ago brought the ball rolling, it presents the perfect balance between radio-friendly grooves (“Please”) and old school-sounding, slow ballads (“Stupid “,” Midnite “). The Star rises again.

In collaboration with hit-writers such as Scott Storch (Beyonce, Lil ‘Kim, Snoop Dogg), Antonio Dixon (The Underdogs), Soul Shock & Karlin Toni is almost impossible feat achieved this, the high expectations of critics and fans to outdo it. “Libra” is their countless followers once again inspired by the R & B queen since its over 10 million copies sold ’93 debut “Toni Braxton” loyal advisors. The album is also her newer audiences in the draw spell, however, which by recent musical successes attention was on them.

Toni Braxton is presented in accordance with their celebrity roles in the Broadway musical hits “Beauty And The Beast” and the Tony Award-winning “Aida” in a contemplative mood. Tracks like “Supposed To Be” or “Finally” in which Dixon with producer and co-writers Damon Thomas and Harvey Mason Jr. (underdogs) and Eric Dawkins, Tank and practically a Who’s Who of American
between the music business has been involved, are infused with the soft sensuality of the exceptional American voice that was the beginning of their trademark. With the heartbreaking ballad “Stupid” dares Toni a look back at 90s classics like “Un-Break My Heart” and “Breathe Again”. “Midnite”, with the participation as a co-writer and Soul Shock & Karlin as producers Lilly responsible Harold draw, is about one of these honest stories of daily life that Toni Braxton has always been like no other knows how to tell.

“Libra” is another milestone in a nearly unprecedented successful music career, during which the U.S. singer, but also hard blows down-
had to take. Despite many mil-
Toni Braxton nenseller was in 1997 with a time before the bankruptcy. False friends had given her some helpful tips on investing. “That to me was one of the most important lesson I’ve taken my life so far out,” Toni says today. In 2003, shortly after the Release-
UNG their so far last album “More Than A Woman”, the mother moved twice during their engagement in “Aida” is a serious inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis) to. A forced three-
year hiatus was the result. Three years is a long time in today’s pop-business, and already it looked like a star you could perhaps forever extin-
between. But Braxton never gave up. Now fully recovered, she decided initially active spokesperson for the ‘American Heart Association’ Women on the dangers of heart disease than educate – and further, “Libra” with a new album.

Toni Braxton has, despite all Unw├Ągbarkei-
States managed their lives back in compensated
to guide chene orbits. Perhaps this is the reason for the title, at a 07.10. Singer for their latest long player has chosen Born: “Libra” is the English name for the star sign Libra. Perhaps the name brings but also Toni’s gratitude for their impressive
pressure saving singing talent for expression, the she was placed with the birth in the cradle. Because all in all, was her music career from the start under a lucky star:
After Toni Braxton in 1991 with the song “Love Should Brought You Home” (from the soundtrack of the blockbuster film “Boomerang”) first appeared in the music scene exploded, it could further course with spectacular five platinum albums in a worldwide fan base to build. As “First Lady of La Records should be ‘out of its partnership with Antonio’ LA ‘Reid and Kenneth’ Babyface ‘Edmonds the unforgotten Top Sellers” Toni Braxton “(1993),” Secrets “(1996),” The Heat “(2000 ), “Snowflakes” (2001) and the 2003 “More Than A Woman” on which including The Neptunes and Rodney Jerkins as co-writer participated emerge.

In addition to the 2003 worldwide best-selling album “Ultimate Collection” and numerous
many hit singles like “Another Sad Love Song,” “Breathe Again”, “Un-Break My Heart” and “You’re Makin ‘Me High” Queen, the legendary soul-six Grammys vorwei
sen: in 1993, ’94, ’97 and 2000, it was for the ‘Best Female R & Vocale Performance’ awarded B, moreover, ’93 ‘Best New Artist’ and ’97 for the ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’.

Toni’s great talent was recognized early on, when she and sisters in the church choir of Severn, Maryland began to sing four of her joint. But despite their great affinity for artists like Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston, she wanted a teacher-
say. was only during her studies at Bowie State University, the Pro-
ducers LA Reid and Babyface (LaFace) by random drawing attention to – over the next ten years should Toni Braxton more than 40 million selling record. In 1998, after their financial
misere some had survived by 1997, she began her pop career on Broadway next to cause a sensation when she starred in “Beauty & The Beast” took over. The 2000 album “The Heat” conquered the same in over a dozen countries, the top ten album charts, including the U.S., France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Hong Kong, South Africa, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Israel and Schweitz. The single “He Was not Man Enough” earned gold status, and led to Toni’s Grammy nomination.

Even during the promotional work for “The Heat” was the inexhaustible rounder her screen debut with “Kingdome Come”, an all-star production, which earned her an Oscar BET Black. At the same time Braxton has been coveted for their successful career of ‘Soul Train Aretha Franklin Award’ (2000). After 2001′s “Snowflakes” Toni began in 2002 with the work on “More Than A Woman”, then direct to their album. “This album represents me more than all the albums before,” the singer said at the time. “My first love was R & B, but I had from the outset by a Hip Hop to do a lot. I develop my music and people are constantly new aspects of each album to see me in”.

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