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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots

stoneStone Temple Pilots (abbreviated STP) is an American alternative rock , although one of its main characteristics is the variety of musical styles employed in their tracks, fluctuating within the ambiguity of the alternative rock of the 1990′s, one of the most successful bands talking about those years. In early 2008, the group surprised the world by announcing his comeback.

This group was formed in the early 90′s, and became one of the most notable of this period thanks to rock anthems like ” Plush , “” Sex Type Thing “and” Interstate Love Song . ” Framing the trend grunge , were contemporaries of Pearl Jam , Nirvana , Alice in Chains and Soundgarden , among others. Despite suffering notorious accusations of copying the style of other groups, Stone Temple Pilots survived the fierce criticism and wrote his particular page in the history of music with five LP’s independent and progressive uprooting with trends and musical fashions of time.

Many of his compositions meet a high level of composition and interpretation and vocal technique. Their singer, Scott Weiland , developed highly suggestive melodies voice through a voice-warm color, with spins records amazing voice and high-toned, medium and low. Scott, contentious and controversial character, has lent her voice in collaboration with musicians of various styles, freehand earning recognition as one of the greatest voices of our time. The other components of Stone Temple Pilots ( Robert DeLeo to Low , Dean DeLeo to guitar and Eric Kretz on the drums and percussion ) also provided a powerful individual level focus of the group identity. The group’s rock style became lighter in successive records. In these years was related to certain members of the band, Weiland especially with drugs and prison issues. The group disbanded after several years of walking the fine line of love and hatred of the public with a compilation album entitled Thank You . Among his endorsements is to have sold millions of copies throughout the world and acting in countless concerts and festivals.

After separation, joins Scott Weiland Slash , Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (former members of Guns N ‘Roses ), to form Velvet Revolver , who have already published two papers.

In January 2008 , Scott Weiland announced that he was planning a meeting of the members of the band, something later confirmed by Slash in an interview on January 25 . The group officially redebutó the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus , Ohio , in May 2008. Before the event Scott Weiland was fired from Velvet Revolver.


Stone Temple Pilots began his career when Robert DeLeo met Scott Weiland in concert punk group Black Flag , at a local Long Beach , California , where they realized they were both dating the same girl. Once broken romantic relationships with both women, DeLeo and Weiland decided to move to the vacant apartment of his ex-girlfriend to form a band and rehearse on that site. To do this they hired Corey Hicock guitar, who had not “connect” with Weiland and Robert, so he was fired shortly thereafter. The band was called “Mighty Joe Young” in honor of the film of the same name in English, in Spanish translation, in its later version, called Mighty Joe Young . To cover the work of drums with the band, Eric Kretz volunteered to take this role, and called her brother Robert Dean to fill the position of a guitarist. Previously, the DeLeo brothers had formed a group called Tyrus .

Thus, Mighty Joe Young was formed and began playing in various clubs in Los Angeles . Soon you start to turn around this city, the band learned that the name ” Mighty Joe Young “was already taken by a musician of jazz , so they changed the name to “Shirley Temple’s Pussy” under which they acted at various locations in San Diego . The band wanted a name with the initials STP because they liked the company logo STP Motor Oil Company , so then another change of name would to “Stereo Temple Pirates,” after “Stinky Toilet Paper, and then the final and” Stone Temple Pilots “, in the year 1990 .

Looking to get a company interested in the services of the band, it acted in various strip clubs, attracting the attention of a large fan base and seal first Atlantic Records later, as Stone Temple Pilots released in this company debut album, Core , in 1992 .

The work got an unexpected success, thanks in part to songs like ” Sex Type Thing and Plush , so they began touring with Rage Against the Machine and, following it with Megadeth . In 1993 , due to the large success of grunge , Core reached very high positions in the charts in the United States , selling over three million copies, and reaching third place in the Billboard , as STP started a massive tour by their home country for two months. The album was produced by Brendan O’Brien , it would be a constant in the band’s career.

However, the disc does not sit too well to criticism: in 1994 , readers of the magazine Rolling Stone awarded to PTS as the Best New Band, while critics of the publication named the band as the worst. This year, the reviews were sealed by the nomination and subsequent award achievement Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance Plush. However, much of the criticism underestimated to the disk as “copy” of large groups of grunge like Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam .

During 1994 , between award shows and various music, Stone Temple Pilots began recording what would become their second album, Purple , closer to hard rock than its predecessor, and debuted at number one on the U.S. charts, remaining there for 15 weeks which became a permanent record at number one. Success came because of the subject’s hand Interstate Love Song , which became a massive hit on radio stations. Other hits that houses the disc are Vasoline, Big Empty, which appeared on the soundtrack of the movie The Crow (1994) . Four months after the publication of the work had sold over three million copies, which was enough to turn with The Rolling Stones .

During the tour for this album, Scott Weiland began having legal problems due to drug abuse and was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine in Pasadena , California . With a possible sentence of three years ahead, the band stopped their activity for less than a year until the end of the trial Weiland, who was finally declared “not guilty” for what the band went back to work to begin recording its third album in his career.

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