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Slipknot ( slip knot, a type of executioner node ) is an American, controversial Nu-Metal – and alternative metal band from Des Moines , Iowa , which was founded in 1995. A special feature of the band are concealing face mask until the 2004 release, “Vol 3: (The Subliminal Verses) “all the band members wore also still uniform outfits.

Slipknot’s origins lie in the Basement Sessions of 1992, the basement of Anders Colsefini, a co-founder of the band, took place in that time the band was still ‘Face Pain’. As part of a session was already a part of the songs on the later demonstration . 1996 Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat are listening album. The only 1,000 copies limited edition album attracted the attention of several major music labels . 1999 under Roadrunner Records debut album “Slipknot” was released to her. Although the harsh, aggressive sound of the band a more limited distribution of radio stations and music television episode had to, the album sold very well. Also by her spectacular emergence on the stage the band quickly grew a large following.

Iowa, the next album from 2001, could still increase the success: it reached number 3 on the Billboard album chart and No. 1 on the British album charts .

After an appearance at the Two Days a Week Festival in summer 2002 was followed by a long creative break, during which several band members devoted themselves to their solo projects. In late 2003, the band moved to the estate of the producer Rick Rubin back, already with a broad spectrum of different artists – from Johnny Cash to the Beastie Boys to Slayer has worked -.

The result of the images is “Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses) “, released in May 2004. For the first time are also quieter tracks such as “Vermilion Pt.2″ and “Circle” to listen to the album. On 28 October 2005 appeared with “9.0: Live” a double live album , which sound recordings from several concerts around the world tour summarized. Early 2006 was the band for “Before I Forget” Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance awarded.

According to the band end 2007 work began on their album All Hope Is Gone. It appeared in the U.S. on 20 August 2008, followed the publication in European countries from 22 August. The first single Psychosocial on 30 Published in June 2008.

On 24 May 2010 died of bassist Paul Gray in a hotel in Iowa. The autopsy revealed that Gray due to an overdose of the painkiller morphine in combination with fentanyl has died and has suffered severe heart problems in addition. Because of this event was known guitarist Jim Root, at least two years with the band take a break. Even before the death of Paul Gray Joey Jordison had announced a new album. In an interview after the death, he reiterated that it is the work of Slipknot would be far from certain. In September 2010, publish Slipknot as “unofficial” legacy to the Gray DVD (sic) ness

Band members and occurrence

slipkotAll Slipknot band members appear as consistently on masked. The exceptions are the music video for “Before I Forget” are seen in which individual excerpts unmasked face and an interview on the DVD “SlipknotVoliminal: Inside the Nine”, uncovered in which the band refers to issues raised.

Slipknot’s stage outfits, mostly overalls are uniform, while the face masks are individually designed and the time were subjected to various changes in the course. The masks are intended in each case a relationship to the lives of their carriers have or refer to character traits.

For each of the nine band members is a number from 0 to 8 These numbers can be found among others in their stage outfits again, some members wear their number in the form of tattoos or body jewelry appropriate their instruments on display.

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