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santana1Re-introduced to the world this past year with his overwhelmingly successful album, “Supernatural”, Carlos Santana has been an influence and success in the music industry since the 60’s.

Carlos was born in Autlan, Mexico and at a very young age his father, a mariachi violinist, taught Carlos basic music theory. In the 50’s his parents took the family North to prospering Tijuana. Here is where Carlos became familiar with the sound of American Blues and Rock n’ Roll.

By the 60’s, Carlos’ family had moved to San Francisco, and soon the Santana Blues Band was a fixture of the San Francisco club circuit. They became so popular that they were invited to Woodstock. With his Woodstock performance, Carlos and his blend of Latin laced rock, was embraced by the musical world.

It is unprecedented that an artist, who gained so much success in the 60’s, receives so many new fans, awards and accolades 30 years after his initial coming out. santana pictureSantana is now more popular than ever.

santana2Carlos is very aware of his humble beginnings and how some people suffer in this world. Recently, Carlos revealed that he was sexually abused as a child. He has lent his fame and fortune to support multitudes of philanthropic organizations. Santana is respected throughout the world as a musician, and as a humanitarian.

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