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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is a band British of rock originated in London . Since its U.S. tour in Alexis Korner (left), leader and founding member of Blues Incorporated , considered the pioneer band R & B movement in Great Britain1969 called themselves “The rock and roll band the world’s largest.” [a] was founded in 1962 by Brian Jones , who was joined by Mick Jagger , Keith Richards , Ian Stewart , Geoff Bradford and Dick Taylor . Tony Chapman (another quote to Mick Avory ) supported them in the battery during first presentations. After the departure of Bradford, Taylor and Chapman, joined bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts instead of the latter two, respectively. At the request of his manager, Stewart was removed from the lineup in 1963 , but continued to work in the recording sessions and as his road manager. Brian Jones was sacked in 1969 and died shortly afterwards and replaced by guitarist Mick Taylor , who leave the group in 1975 and would be replaced by Ron Wood .

With the retirement of Bill Wyman in 1993 included the bassist Darryl Jones and even played with the band since the recording of Voodoo Lounge in 1994 to the present is not an official member.His first productions included versions and issues of blues , rock and roll and R & B U.S., however, with the passing of his career added together stylistic touches from other genres to suit the times, with diverse influences like psychedelic music , country , punk , music disc , reggae and electronic music . Despite leading with The Beatles , with whom he always rivaled in popularity, the ” British Invasion “in the early years of the decade of 1960 , it was not until the release of ” (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction “in 1965 who achieved international stardom and established themselves as one of the most popular bands in the music scene. To date, the band has released albums twenty-five study and placed thirty-two simple within the ten most popular UK and U.S. . Total sales of The Rolling Stones are estimated between 200 and 250 million albums, making them one of the most successful artists of all time .

They are considered one of the largest and most influential groups in rock history, being the group that laid the foundations of contemporary rock. Counting from the beginning, with the help of criticism some of its materials are considered among the best of all time, among them Beggars Banquet ( 1968 ), Let It Bleed ( 1969 ), Sticky Fingers ( 1971 ) and maximum work considered Exile on Main St. ( 1972 ). [c] In 1989 were included in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll , and in 2004 the magazine American Rolling Stone placed them at No. 4 on your list The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time . No rock band has sustained far as durable and still world renowned as The Rolling Stones, with Jagger, Richards and Watts as the only active founding members are still the band longest in the history of rock.

1962: Foundation
Keith Richards and Mick Jagger met in childhood , were classmates at Wentworth Primary School in Dartford , however, after moving the Richards family, lost contact. eventually reunited in a London subway station in 1960 , by the time Richards was attending Sidcup Art College, while Jagger was enrolled at the London School of Economics . In his spare time Jagger sang with Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys, a group that owned enthusiast Dick Taylor , also a friend of Richards and a student at Sidcup Art College. Richards soon joined the group.

In early 1961 arrived in the British capital Brian Jones , formerly of The Ramrods, a band of his native Cheltenham . After arriving participated occasionally with the group of Alexis Korner , Blues Incorporated , an important group within the circuit R & B in London. Jones wanted to form a band of R & B and put an ad in the weekly Jazz News, which responded by guitarist Geoff Bradford and pianist Ian Stewart .

One night in early 1962 Jones, then known as Elmo Lewis and his group appeared in the Ealing Jazz Club. The show caused a big impression on Richards, and after a short conversation with Lewis, Bradford, Jagger, Richards and Taylor became part of their group. For spring Bradford and Taylor left the group, and hired drummer Tony Chapman Cliftons. Before the departure of Taylor, Brian Jones named the band as The Rolling Stones after hearing the song ” Rollin ‘Stone “musician’s U.S. of blues Muddy Waters . Time after bassist return, if only for a short period.

A mid-year Blues Incorporated canceled his appearance at the Marquee Club , This situation was exploited by the new band. On July 2 of 1962 , Jagger, Richards, Jones, Stewart, Chapman (another quote to Mick Avory ), and Taylor, played their first official concert as The Rolling Stones. After this first presentation were part of a tour of various London bars, unaccompanied by Chapman and Taylor, who decided to leave the group altogether. Chapman recommended that the band with his friend Cliftons William Perks, better known as Bill Wyman , who auditioned on December 7 and instantly became the new bassist for The Rolling Stones. “I put on my best suit and I went to the club, looking for Brian Jones or Mick Jagger. I was surprised to see that they wore very different, with shirts and jeans (noting that Jagger was Beille). Other things that pleased me was to realize that more than me, wanted my amp. ” Carlo Little agreed to cover the battery while you were a replacement, and after a short time left the band, however before starting recommended the hiring of Charlie Watts , drummer of Blues Incorporated. Watts hated rock and roll and blues and was reluctant to leave their work, but after several months of persuasion joined the Stones in January of 1963 , “I thought they were really crazy. Worked without pay and are not interested, but I liked his spirit and R & B, so I agreed. ”

1963-1964: the newest hit makers in the UK:
The entrepreneur Giorgio Gomelsky hired the band to play every Sunday at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, the residence of eight months allowed them to gain a large fan base, including The Beatles . The growing attendance at Crawdaddy drew the attention of journalist Peter Jones, who recommended the group with Andrew Loog Oldham , publisher of The Beatles. After observing in Richmond’s signed with agent Eric Easton for Impact Sound on May 6 by 1963 . To market the band with a picture of “young hooligans” Oldham retired Ian Stewart of training, however it was as an assistant on the road and pianist of the band sessions and tours. Richards also asked to cut the ‘S’ in his name to be matched with the name of Cliff Richard , British pop star of the time. In the middle of that month were hired by Dick Rowe for Decca Records to Board of Beatle George Harrison .

After signing began recording his first songs in the Olympic Studies in London. With a producer Oldham, the Stones recorded the song ” Come On “by Chuck Berry and I threw together the song of Muddy Waters ‘I Want to Be Loved “as their first single on June 7 . To advertise made their first appearance on British television, the program Thank Your Lucky Stars, and started their first official tour of England , being the opening act for Bo Diddley , Little Richard and The Everly Brothers . Despite this the song did not have the desired impact and only climbed to position 21 in the list of successes of the United Kingdom . In order to boost the group’s career Oldham asked John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles you compose a song to the Stones, the couple of composers were given in five minutes ” I Want to Be Your Man . ” That was released as a single in November supported in the B-side for ” Stoned “(credited to Nanker Phelge ), the first original composition of the band. With this achieved public attention, which positioned him within Top-10 British, and the media who focused more on his long hair and unkempt appearance in their music.

On January 17th of 1964 , while they were still on tour in England , released their first EP , The Rolling Stones . Commercial building on the momentum of “I Want to Be Your Man” versions of such material in ranked first in the list of best-selling EP in the UK and remained in theaters for 11 weeks. Five weeks later they took ” Not Fade Away ‘, originally from Buddy Holly , as its new cut that soon become her first commercial success in Britain in the third position in the UK Singles Chart, in contrast to its modest 48 in the U.S. The enormous popularity that brought him had been obtained by the constant criticism of British society and the press, who complained they look “sloppy” and how “obscene” interpretations. From above came the comparisons to The Beatles , situation he wanted to Oldham because he devised to The Rolling Stones as the antithesis of the Liverpool band. The debut album by The Rolling Stones appeared on April 17 , under the production of Oldham and Eric Easton. Simply titled The Rolling Stones , the LP was almost a replica of a Stones concert, recorded in one take in Regent Studios in London, containing a collection of rock , R & B and blues in which stressed the drums, harmonica and guitars. In addition to numerous versions, including the first composition of Jagger and Richards, an acoustic ballad titled cut ” Tell Me (You’re Coming Back) “and some songs credited to Phelge and Phil Spector.

Critique responded with pleasure and was well received in England, from 12 weeks in the first place of sales and 40 on the billboard. Then began a national tour and the Netherlands , accompanied by The Ronettes , and upon completion they embarked on their first U.S. tour on the eve of the launch of LP in the country, renowned for the occasion England’s Newest Hitmakers .

The presentations did not attract the American public, who had recently received euphorically to The Beatles. This is partly due to his unfortunate appearances on U.S. television, on The Hollywood Palace appearance was teased by Dean Martin and on The Ed Sullivan Show that caused the great pandemonium forced the presenter of the program to veto them, however, never fulfilled. In the United States took time to record in the studios of Chess Records of Chicago and RCA Records in Los Angeles , in the meantime released ” Tell Me (You’re Coming Back) “which reached 24 of the Billboard Hot 100 . With the tour fully released their version of ” It’s All Over Now “by The Valentinos, with whom got their first number one in the United Kingdom. was subsequently followed by the release of the EP Five By Five in England and LP 12 x 5 in North America, derived from recordings in the studios of Chess and RCA Records. Both achieved high positions in the charts in their respective markets, Five By Five were scored another number one in the list of EP while 12 X 5 climbed to third place in the Billboard Top LPs . At that time the magazine English Melody Maker named the Rolling Stones and the Band of the Year and his court appointed ” Not Fade Away “Song of the Year. With the theme of Willie Dixon blues ” Little Red Rooster “returned to the top of the charts British popularity for the second time in a row in December, compared its spread was boycotted by U.S. radio due to explicit sexual content of the letter.

1965-1968: global success of their satanic majesties:
His second album, The Rolling Stones No.2 , was released on January 15th of 1965 in Britain, quickly taking over the top of the UK charts for 13 weeks. Reprinting the formula of his previous production , Oldham brought together a album of covers, except the unpublished “Off the Hook”, “What a Shame” and “Grown Up Wrong.” Rolling Stones No.2 The evolution of the band to the field R & B and blues , composed of slower tracks than its predecessor, whose rhythmic foundation on drums, plus the inclusion can be seen more consistent slide guitar and the harmonica . The publication in the United States made the following month as in his previous LP, would be published under another title, The Rolling Stones, Now! . Unlike the British version was accompanied by the hit ” Heart of Stone “, which replaced the” Grown Up Wrong “in the American album, first single from the band stating as composers.

The next single, ” The Last Time “, was published both in the U.S. as in England, its first original cut in the British Isles. This song became the third consecutive to the top of local charts while in North America earned them their first success in the Top 10. Subsequently published the song ” (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction “, the theme that would lead to international superstardom. This would begin a new stage in the band where his music would be the new form of provocation, Jagger began writing songs which expressed criticism of society, politics and the female, a situation widely noticeable in his songs that were destined for the pop. His new single, inspired by American consumerism, portraying a teenager tormented by a general frustration, which, together with its references to sex and dyes anticapitalist was seen as an attack on the status quo . Yet the cut was a huge commercial success both at home and in the United States, where first reached the top of the charts and led for four weeks in a row. Its popularity spread throughout the world , ranking at the top of the charts throughout Europe , Canada and Australia , what he meant to the Stones their first number one worldwide.

Meanwhile in England left its first live production , the EP Got Live If You Want It! , registration of his presentations in Manchester and Liverpool in March of that year. Parallel U.S. put on the market the album Out of Our Heads , only edition which included the two previous singles. With the inclusion of four original songs, I was a step forward in his career to prove to themselves that they could write their own songs, while retaining their basic R & B / blues. In his country was published until September 24 simultaneously accompanied by ” Get Off of My Cloud “, the continuation of” Satisfaction. ” Like before, won the number one in both England and the U.S. and in various parts of the globe, earning its second consecutive another number one worldwide. served as a prelude to the output in North America in December’s Children , a compilation of many items of original taken from the British editions of their albums and B sides as well as the unpublished ” Get Off of My Cloud “,” Blue Turns to Grey “,” The Singer Not the Song “and” As Tears Go By “, the latter number 6 on the Billboard charts.

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