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Pink_(singer)Pink ( September 8th 1979 in Doylestown , Pennsylvania , real name Alecia Beth Moore), often stylized as P! nk, is an American singer and songwriter.

Pink is the second child of Judy Ball and James “Jim” Moore. Her mother worked as a nurse, her father was from Ireland-born soldier in the Vietnam war and later ran an insurance company. Pink has an older brother named Jason (b. 1977).

When she was seven years old, had their parents divorce. The loss of the father, the central figure in her life, has not coped Pink long time. The relationship with the mother turned out in the following years more and more difficult, which rapidly lost control of her daughter, until it came to open revolt. Pink began to use drugs regularly and drink alcohol in order to compensate for their problems. At the request of the mother was at the age of 14 years in therapeutic treatment , it remained without success. By leaving the school during the 10th Class finally came the final break and the mother gave their 16-year-old daughter from their apartment.

Pink_Funhouse_P1200486During this difficult phase for her Pink wrote many poems in which she expressed her feelings and process their own experiences looking for. One of those poems was later the basis for their song Family Portrait, one of the best songs about family problems. The title was Pinks parents realize how much had her daughter suffered from the separation and how painful it was for the time after that, as a consequence, also the ratio normalized to their mother again.

The name Pink is based on several personal experiences from childhood and teenage years: eight-year-old when she attended a summer camp than a boy stripped to her abdomen and her shamefaced blush with the words “Look at that pink girl!” Have commented loudly. Years later, she saw the movie with friends Reservoir Dogs at. Through the figure of “Mr. Pink was the memory of the childhood experience awake again and she was known to friends from now on only “Pink”. When even the color of her then boyfriend said her genitals, she decided to adopt this name for themselves.

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