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No Doubt

No Doubt

NO_DOUBT_327b_Brian_McCauleyNo Doubt is a band of rock formed in Anaheim , California ( United States ). His music was in its infancy deeply influenced by rock and ska pop, then evolve more towards soft rock . They are also influenced by Jamaican reggae styles, having performed on numerous occasions with Jamaican artists such as Lady Saw . In 1992 they released their debut album, No Doubt , which was not as successful as expected, but achieved fame thanks to his third album Tragic Kingdom , 1995, which helped the revival of ska in the 90s’ and reached the Diamond Record on the United States . The third single, ” Do not Speak “, set a record after spending 16 weeks at number one the Billboard Hot 100 .

Following this public four years after Return of Saturn that one had a minor commercial success can not match the success of their previous album and poor performance of both commercial and critics. Only a year and a half after, in 2001, the band released Rock Steady , who came to claim the success of the band off which of hits like ” Hey Baby “and” Underneath It All “, with which the band won two awards Grammy .

In 2003 the band released the compilation of greatest hits The Singles 1992-2003 along with the single ” It’s My Life “(cover of Talk Talk and a year after Gwen Stefani launched her solo career, which had several collaborations including the bandmate Tony Kanal , while guitarist Tom Dumont began his side project, Invincible Overlord . During his career, the band won two Grammy Awards and sold more than 28 million records.
After their meeting in 2008, the band embarked on a tour of the United States during the summer of 2009.

no-doubt-2In 1991 he received an offer of Interscope Records to record their first self-titled album in 1992. The first single and the only one of this album is “Trapped in a Box.” Between regular jobs, “Gwen and Tony worked in a business, Adrian, the drummer was a waiter, and Tom had a shop that rented out musical instruments, and studied art faculty-Gwen, Tom, music, and studied psychology and Tony Adrian – managed to record this album with just $ 13,000 budget.

The album was not as successful as expected despite the comments by the president of the label: “Stefani would be a star in five years.” Reason did not lack, except that this did not happen in five years. After the unfortunate disaster in this first record, the record company lost a little faith in the group, withdrew all financial support to the significant result that no single was not promoted more, there was no concert tour and was even more recording budget songs.

No Doubt was not going to stay home and made the tour at your organization and money. They traveled throughout the country with a van from place to place. While this lasted ten songs composed quickly new, which are reflected on their second album The Beacon Street Collection , which not being distributed by the label because it refused to promote and give money to the group, was sold after these functions and concerts that were independently. Copies of this new album were sold with breathtaking speed: 1000 copies in just two weeks.

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