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Missy Elliot

Missy Elliott

missy_elliottMissy Elliott was one of the first female superstars of hip-hop. As a rapper / singer, she had several hits such as One Minute Man, All N My Grill or Get Ur Freak On. In addition, it is one of the most successful songwriters and producers in the Hip Hop and R & B scene. So she wrote among other hits for Aaliyah , Christina Aguilera , Destiny’s Child , Monica , Pink , Janet Jackson , Mya , Mariah Carey , Tweet and Whitney Houston – often with her producing partner Timbaland , with whom she is friends with her since childhood.

In 2003 she gave up her well worn by then middle name Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott.

Early career
In the late 1980s formed Elliott, LaShawn Shellman, Chonita Radiah Scott Coleman and the R & B band Sista. Missy Elliott sang and wrote the texts for the group and made her colleagues with childhood friend Timothy “DJ Tiny Tim” Mosley known to them as of early demo tracks to produce executive producers already started. 1991-producer was Jodeci Devante Swing attention to the group, as they led him to tour his group shared an A cappella songs by Jodeci for pre lengths. Shortly thereafter, Sista covered with Mosley – the swing in rechristened Timbaland – and friend Melvin “Magoo” Barcliff to New York, where she DeVante Elektra sublabel Swing Mob signed a contract.

Formed Swing Swing Mob, 20 musicians and artists – among them the future stars Ginuwine , Playa and Tweet – who are all in a two-story building in New York and attended both of material for Jodeci and for their own publications were working together. Missy contributed to this time as other tracks for the last two albums Jodeci Diary of a Mad Band (1993) and The Show, The After Party, The Hotel (1995) in As. Timbaland, Devante produced, however (1994) Sista-LP 4 All the Sistas Around the Hey.

Elliott / Mosley-producer team
After they left Swing Mob, Missy and Timbaland began as an independent songwriter / producer team together. The result was 1995-1997 a series of hit singles such as Can We? For SWV or Steelo for 702 . Most important, however, the activity for Aaliyah . Elliott and Timbaland wrote and produced nine tracks for Aaliyah’s second album, One in a Million (1996), among them the hits If Your Girl Only Knew, One In A Million, Hot Like Fire, and 4-Page Letter. Missy also contributed to background vocals and / or rap passages on all tracks that Timbaland produced it and on the album. With the success of the singles and album, the double-platinum received was the producer duo of well-known stars. Later, they produced more tracks for Total (What About Us), Nicole Wray (Make It Hot) and Destiny’s Child (Get on the Bus).

Solo career
1996 Missy was the first rapper and background singer on MC Lytes 1996 edition Single Cold Rock a Party to listen as a guest. The song was from P. Diddy produced the hoped them to contract signing with Bad Boy Records to move. Contrary to expectations, however, Elliott signed later that year at Elektra Records , where she had her own sub-label Gold Mind, on their previous solo releases have appeared.

Initial success
In 1997 Missy Elliott in collaboration with friend and producer Timbaland her debut album Supa Dupa Fly. The first single, since Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) became a worldwide chart success and made her a recognized element in the music business – especially in hip-hop. The critics were generally positive and although the sales figures contradicted their theories, many critics noted that the album tracks the coupled-singles were musically inferior. That same year, Elliott completed next Da Brat , Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Angie Martinez made a guest appearance on the remix to Lil ‘Kim’s girl-power anthem Not Tonite. The five came together so that at the MTV Video Music Awards 1997.

In 1999 she released her second album. Da Real World was as successful as the debut. On it were the single “All N My Grill” in collaboration with protégé Nicole Ray and Big Boi of OutKast , and other extractions such as “She’s a Bitch” and “Hot Boyz” with Nas , Eve and Lil ‘Mo .

Further career
Followed in 2001 by Miss E. .. So Addictive Missy’s biggest success to date. The singles “Get Ur Freak On” and “One Minute Man” (featuring Ludacris & Trina or Jay-Z ) became worldwide hits and gave the album along with two Grammys and multi-platinum. In the wake of the success, two more singles released then: the ballad “Take Away” (with Tweet and Ginuwine ), which pays tribute to the deceased shortly before girlfriend Aaliyah was considered, and the up-tempo track “4 My People”, the Missy is one of the most successful extractions.

In 2002, she signed up with Under Construction, their fourth album back. This long-player, dedicated primarily a repeat of the old-school hip-hop is, until now best-selling and best known as Elliott’s production was hailed by critics and the music press really. With “Work It”, Elliott’s most successful single ever, and “Gossip Folks”, a duet with Ludacris, which addresses, inter alia, its substantial weight loss in the same year, added to other hits in their career.

Not even eleven months later, in November 2003, stood with This Is Not a Test already her next album in stores. The moderate success of the first single “Pass That Dutch” and lack of promotion, however, caused largely disappointing sales figures. The follow-up single “I’m Really Hot” procured hardly be heard, could not score points in the charts thus high.

After a more or less inconspicuous collaborations with Christina Aguilera , Beyonce, Timbaland and Tweet Missy finally came in spring 2005 on the side of Ciara and “1, 2 Step” into the back of public scrutiny. At the same time as she finished work on their sixth studio album The Cookbook, which was released in early July 2005 Trade and the highly successful pre-release single “Lose Control”, another collaboration with Ciara and Fatman Scoop , brought forth. In fall 2005 and spring 2006, followed by the ballad “Teary Eyed” and “We Run This” two other singles, though they had less success in the charts as “Lose Control” but the success of the album industry. 2 million CDs were on the counters.
In September 2006, exclusively in Europe Elliot’s first best-of album Respect ME. It became the most successful album of her career in the UK. 7th place in the UK album charts and 500,000 CDs sold, it became one of the most successful best-of albums of 2006.

In early 2008 she contributed the song “Shake Your Pom-Pom” and “Ching-a-Ling” to the soundtrack of the movie “Step Up 2″ at. These are new songs that they had recorded in late 2007 and will also be on their next album “Block Party” on it. In June 2008, Missy Elliott announced that the song will be “Best Best” the first single from the new album. Shortly after, you could listen to the song on the Internet and download it. In July 2008, Missy went back in to the studio to record more songs. Originally, “Block Party” released in May 2008, but postponed it until September 2008, which was later moved again to November 2008. “Best Best” was planned as a first single but no promotion on radio stations and was not adopted. He went and about the song almost three months on the internet and nothing happened. Only in August 2008, Missy Elliott announced that it intends to bring out her album “Block Party” really only in November 2008. “Best Best” is not a single, and she announced. Currently is back in the studio, because, in the summer with the final result still was not satisfied. Timbaland produced again a large part of her album, including Danja is again one of the party. “Best Best” is, however, be included on “Block Party”. Meanwhile, the album has been postponed for the fourth time. One reason for the renewed delay was not disclosed. If and when the album now finally appears, is in the stars.

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