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Matchbox 20

Matchbox 20 Biography


Origin    Orlando, Florida, USA
Genres Alternative rock
Pop rock
Years active

Matchbox Twenty (originally Matchbox 20) is a rock band from Orlando, Florida. Besides the five band members, Rob Thomas, Brian Yale, Paul Doucette, Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook producer Matt Serletic is considered the unofficial sixth member. Globally, the band sold over 20 million albums, making it count as one of the successful bands of recent years. Singles such as Push, 3 AM, If You’re Gone, Bent and other Matchbox Twenty said plus a number of U.S. hits was a long time in the Adult Top 40 than any other band.

Banda History

Rob Thomas, Brian Yale (aka Pookie) and Paul Doucette first played in the band Tabitha’s Secret, before 1995, along with Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook, Matchbox 20 was based.

2000 changed with the release of their second album, Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty, the spelling of the name of the band Matchbox 20 to Matchbox Twenty.

After nearly two matchbox twenty years in the course of this album were just on tour, they were allowed a break in October 2001, at the time to look after their own family and other projects. So wrote the lead singer of the band, Rob Thomas, this time including songs from Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Carlos Santana and Marc Anthony. Guitarist Kyle Cook worked with his second band, The New Left and drummer Paul Doucette and guitarist Adam Gaynor tried his hand at songwriting.

In April 2002, Matchbox Twenty concert took place on the occasion of Willie Nelson & Friends: Stars & Guitars in Nashville back together.

The work on their third album, More than you think it is officially launched in June 2002 at the famous Bearsville studios in rural Woodstock, New York. The final work was then held at the Hit Factory in New York. For the first time on this album, unlike the previous one, in which Rob Thomas acted as the main songwriter and articles to show, in which co-wrote the rest of the band (Feel, Paul Soul Ducette and Kyle Cook) sometimes even exclusively (Could you by Paul Ducette).

In May 2004, was released concert DVD Show: A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty on the addition to the 20 songs on the first record additional material, such as letters and documents are represented in the second.

Since the last release, the band has taken a sabbatical to pursue their own projects and interests. Said Rob Thomas had already been several successful as soloists.

Adam Gaynor officially left the group in February 2005.

2007 he released the album “Exile on Mainstream” the quartet is happening now as a group. Besides the five new titles, which contains a compilation of the most successful singles in recent years.

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