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Master P

Master P

Master PMaster P (* April 29th 1967 in the Calliope Projects of New Orleans as Percy Robert Miller) is a producer, rapper and Chief Executive Officer of No Limit Records . His son is the rapper Lil Romeo .

In 1990 he inherited from his grandfather founded and $ 10,000 to the No Limit Record Store, and later his own label called No Limit Records, on which he released his first solo album. He was from the beginning by Mystikal and due to Verhandlungsschwierigigkeiten with his former label Death Row Records released again artist Snoop (Doggy) Dogg supported.

Besides the commercial success through a typical “southern” sound, and to excess-driven “Bling-mania” (which is based on the idea to wear as much gold as possible), helped him to give us an early initiative in the movie business where he focused on mass appeal processed stories from the American ghetto life specialist to rapid success. Above all, the glorious, uncompromising view of a drug by the music business and became rich street boys ensured full coffers. The success achieved by playing in front of all, the very depressive, negative atmosphere of the rap genre, which is reached by Tupac and Notorious BIG and the death of both their high point, an important role. Master P ended this dark, by mafia-like self-aggrandizement dominated era of rap.

His two brothers C-Murder and Silkk The Shocker Master P supported on his other albums. Although TV stations not playing his songs, came to her as well. In 1997, the film I’m Bout It with A soundtrack in the video stores. He sold several million copies, although this was never in theaters. He also belonged to a jury of a TV show.
The artist Mystikal and Snoop Dogg Master P helped with her two albums to further success. After these two left the label in 2000, however, went back to the success of Master P.

His most well-known song in Germany, “Oohhwee. He had also been some cinematic appearance in 2000 as Take Down and Gone in 60 Seconds and in 2003 when Julius Armas in Hollywood Homicide .

Master P is not only a rapper and actor, but also a basketball player. He has played in the American Basketball League CBA (Continental Basketball Association) for Fort Wayne Fury. He previously played for the Warren Easton High School in New Orleans and a short time for the University of Houston, where he received hours each little use, however.
In 1999 he directed the film Hot Boyz .

Albums and Solos

  • 1991: Get Away Clean (In-A-Minute/No Limit Records) was released at that time only as a tape
  • 1992: Mama’s Bad Boy (No Limit Records)
  • 1994: The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!) (No Limit Records
  • 1995: 99 Ways to Die (No Limit Records)
  • 1996: Ice Cream Man (No Limit / Priority Records)
  • 1997: Ghetto D (No Limit Records)
  • 1998: MP Da Last Don (No Limit Records)
  • 1999: Only God Can Judge Me (No Limit Records)
  • 2000: Ghetto Postage (No Limit Records)
  • 2001: Game Face (No Limit Records)
  • 2004: Good Side, Bad Side (No Limit Records)
  • 2005: Ghetto Bill: The Best Hustler In The Game (No Limit Records)
  • 2005: The Best Of Master P (Priority Records)
  • 2005: Living Legend: Certified D-Boy (No Limit Records)
  • 2006: The Ultimate Master P (No Limit Records)
  • 2006: America’s Most Luved Bad Guy (UrbanDigital Records) was released as a digital release

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