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Mase (rapper)

MaseHe grew up in Harlem , New York , and began his career as a singer of gangsta rap hardcore. In the group Children of the Corn to call it Murder Mase, rapping alongside Big L , Cam’ron and Bloodshed. In 1996 , he signed with Bad Boy Records to Puff Daddy . His image was refined as Diddy’s beginning to develop a rapper of a commercial pop artist formerly known for its violent lyrics. Mase like small children.

In 1997 she released her first album, Harlem World, who became multi-platinum, highlighting the single Feel So Good. Other hits from the album were What You Want (with the Total group), Lookin ‘At Me (with Puff Daddy) and 24 Hours To Live.


After his childhood in a sheltered upbringing and passing through the high school, he wanted to devote itself primarily to its music. He seized the opportunity in a hip hop club in Atlanta, where he P. Diddy showed a sample of his skills. This took him immediately for his label BadBoyEntertainment under contract. After several collaborations with established artists (such as The Notorious BIG , P. Diddy and Brandy ) launched BadBoyEntertainment 1997, his debut album, Harlem World. occurred on this album, and Others Artists like DMX and Jay-Z on. The album went triple-platinum. Double Up followed in 1999 with the album on which, like his predecessors, several other artists had guest appearances.

Subsequently, Mase pulled a surprise return to the public and established as Mason Betha his own church community. For his efforts he received an honorary doctorate of theology presented.In 2004 he entered a new album Welcome Back to back, the song of the same as the theme song to Zack! Comedy made was used.


  • 1997: Feel So Good
  • 1997: Lookin ‘at Me
  • 1997: Tell Me What You Want (feat. Total)
  • 1997: Mo ‘Money Mo’ Problems (The Notorious BIG feat Mase. Puff Daddy)
  • 1997: Can not Nobody Hold Me Down (Puff Daddy feat Mase.)
  • 1997: Been Around The World (Daddy & The Family feat. Puff The Notorious BIG & Mase)
  • 1998: Sittin On Top Of The World (Brandy feat Mase.)
  • 1998: Horse & Carriage
  • 1999: All I Ever Wanted
  • 1999: Get Ready
  • 2004: Welcome Back
  • 2004: Breathe, Stretch, Shake
  • 2006: Can not Get Enough

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