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MadonnaMadonna ( August 16th 1958 in Bay City , Michigan as Madonna Louise Ciccone, since their communion in 1967 as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is an American singer , actress , songwriter , author and designer .

Madonna was with hits such as Like a Virgin (1984), Vogue (1990) and Hung Up (2005) to a pop icon . According to RIAA, IFPI, Guinness World Records Madonna has sold more than 380 million records, so that Madonna is the most commercially successful singer in the world. Also, according to edition of the Guinness Book of World Records 2010 is Madonna, with 75 million albums sold in the U.S. and more than 125 million outside the top selling artist of all time.

In addition to nine Grammy Awards (including 1998 for Ray of Light ), they also won the Golden Globe (1997 for her performance in the musical film Evita ). She also wrote several children’s books (The English Roses, 2003) and in 2008 was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame added.

Family and private life
Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on 16 August 1958 in Bay City (Mich.). Her father, the son of Italian immigrants, was the car mechanic Silvio Ciccone. It was named after her mother, the French-Canadian Madonna Louise Ciccone, was born Fortin. Her parents were married in 1955 after a total of six children, of which Madonna was the third. Her mother died in 1963 when Madonna was five years old. Two other half-siblings has Madonna on the subsequent marriage of her father with the former housekeeper of the family, Joan Gustafson.In 1967 Madonna took in their communion with the Veronica – after Saint Veronica – third name in as.

Madonna from 1985 to 1989, with American actor Sean Penn married. They had no children. From 2000 to 2008 was Madonna with British director Guy Ritchie married.
Madonna has two biological children: daughter Lourdes Maria (born October 14, 1996) with the Cuban Carlos Leon, son Rocco John (born August 11, 2000) from his marriage to Guy Ritchie.

From October 2006, Madonna sought the adoption of the 15-month-old David from Malawi . In May 2008 the adoption was final. In June 2009, adopted the Madonna Malawi also derived from four years of semi-orphan girls Mercy.

After the first album sold millions, Madonna is looking a new Producers: Nile Rodgers , who has Michael Jackson , Duran Duran and David Bowie had produced. Madonna’s music was more rock now, but retained their catchy melodies. The album Like a Virgin meant their international breakthrough.

Her hit Like a Virgin Madonna presented in a wedding dress at the first presentation of the MTV Video Music Awards in September 1984. American parents’ associations and conservative media watchdogs were shocked – the young audience was delighted. From now on, all the trends of copies Madonna fans. crucifixes , midriff tops and leather bracelets were the beginning. Madonna began to develop on each album a new look – which it often from the classic Hollywood stars borrowed. The following video for Material Girl she copied their model Marilyn Monroe . At the video shoot in Los Angeles Madonna met on the set of the American actor Sean Penn and love to know. In the spring of 1985, Madonna was the first time at sold-out tour of the Virgin USA and Canada. The album Like a Virgin sold over 20 million copies to date and is among the 100 best-selling albums of all time.

Their singles led the charts around the world round, and her first of Susan Seidelman twisted movie Desperately Seeking Susan … was a hit with critics and the public. They also maintained its popularity through a performance at the Live Aid concert multiply. Shortly before their old ones were Aktbildaufnahmen from her New York years before her breakthrough in relevant men’s magazines published. On 16 August 1985, their 27th Birthday, married Madonna in Los Angeles, Sean Penn.

From the “intoxication of falling in love” Blue announced the 1986 released album True – dedicated to her husband, the “coolest man in the universe.” The album, which Madonna wrote with all titles on was a success. True Blue was number one in 28 countries and has 24 over million copies are sold. The song Live To Tell, Papa Do not Preach and Open Your Heart climbed to number one on the Billboard singles charts and La Isla Bonita was her first number one in Germany. The cover photo by Herb Ritts made her a icon of the 1980s.

Madonna settled in clothes from Lagerfeld , Lacroix and Chanel shoot, and established himself as a sex symbol.

In June 1987 started the Madonna Who’s That Girl World Tour. This world tour, she was the most successful pop singer of the 1980s. The tour started in Japan, led by the United States and Canada, and Europe from August 1987. Her first appearance in Germany was on 22 August 1987 in Frankfurt Forest Stadium before 60,000 spectators. The Wembley Stadium in London was sold out three times in succession, and also in France was the enthusiasm high. At their concert in Paris on 29 August were 120,000 fans attended. The show in Turin on 4 September 1987 broadcast live via satellite television.
Madonna’s albums and singles sold worldwide in millions, but her film career did not come into effect: The movies Shanghai Surprise (1986) and Who’s That Girl (1987) were flops. The marriage to Sean Penn found itself in a crisis.

In November 1987, Madonna released a remix album titled You Can Dance . So she left the music business for a while. In 1988 she filmed another movie, Bloodhounds of Broadway, and was from May to September Broadway in the sold-out theater play Speed the Plow to see. Then she prepared her new album Like a Prayer before. The album processed their failed marriage, the complicated relationship with her family – and not least her ambivalent relationship with the Catholic Church. The theme song in 2004 by the American and German editors of the music magazine Rolling Stone one of the 500 greatest songs of all time elected.

In 1989 her marriage to Sean Penn ended in divorce. Musically, Madonna, however, was still successful. The music video for Like a Prayer was published in March 1989. It deals with Madonna including racism – in the video Schwarzer, an innocent violent crime accused of a, she dances in front of burning crosses – symbols of the Ku Klux Klan – and kissing one to life statue of Martin de Porres , which contains much for a “black Jesus did. ” The drinks company Pepsi stopped then an advertising campaign with her, and the Vatican was outraged. Another video caused an international stir. In Express Yourself Madonna was inspired by Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis inspired, showed up in garter belts and dancing in the men’s suit and was lying naked in bed with heavy iron chains. The single from Cherish established himself again in the U.S. top five, with which Madonna 16 U.S. top five singles in consecutive order had what previously only the Beatles had succeeded. MTV called Madonna “Artist of the Decade”.

The new world tour, Blond Ambition World Tour started on 13 April 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. Then came numerous concerts in the U.S. and Canada, and Europe in the summer, finally was on the itinerary. On stage she wore creations of the Parisian fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier . Hardly a performance impressed Madonna’s image more than their performance of Like a Virgin. She was wearing a gold corset with conical bra, while they simulated a masturbation . In Canada, Madonna even threatened a prison sentence, while Italy said the Vatican boycott of Madonna’s concert in Rome to. On 5 August 1990 was Madonna’s controversial Blond Ambition Tour in Nice at the end. This concert was exclusively in the U.S. on television by HBO transmitted and generated a high audience rating.

Madonna’s affair with Warren Beatty in 1990 lasted until the joint film Dick Tracy was a success. In this movie she’s adventure as protagonist to see Breathless Mahoney. Madonna contributed to the album I’m Breathless also the soundtrack for film. of Vogue, almost for the B side last Like A Prayer-coupling Keep It Together was conceived, short-term as stand-alone single released, and thus one of its biggest hits: the Video directed by David Fincher made from Madonna an icon of gay men. Shortly after she gave a statement about gay friends and family members from – and brought media attention as potential bisexuals in conversation, when she and Sandra Bernhard and Rosie O’Donnell kisses exchanged.

Madonna’s first greatest-hits compilation The Immaculate Collection has been to date 30 million copies sold over and so the best-selling “Best of” of a singer. It also presented the next scandal: the sexually explicit video for Justify My Love, that with her then lover, the model Tony Ward was taken. Many television stations have been forbidden or relegated to night program. This video scandal use Madonna Justify My Love sent and brought as a video single on the market.

On the night of the Oscar Awards ceremony on 25 March 1991, was by Michael Jackson and presented live accompanied the song Sooner or Later from the film Dick Tracy . The song finally won the Oscar for Best Original Song. In May 1991, Madonna released the documentary Truth or Dare , a documentary of the Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. To advertise for their film, Madonna came on 12 May 1991 on the film festival in Cannes in southern France . In Europe, the film was titled In Bed with Madonna in the movie theaters. Similarly, Madonna appeared in films like A League of Their Own (1992) and Shadows and Fog (1992). Both had very positive reviews and were well at the box office success.

During her image change for porn star Madonna was working simultaneously on their independence. She founded her own production company Maverick, to discuss their work to get full freedom and also to promote young talents. Maverick did include albums by Alanis Morissette , Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Candlebox and The Prodigy out. This was followed by Madonna’s provocative 1992/93. The album Erotica is a concept album on the topic of sexuality with strong BDSM – and fetish symbolism. Each program included songs reflecting a different facet of human sexuality, usually referring to sexual relations. In his lyrics is the album of pop culture in the popular content-link between sexually motivated contacts and romantic feelings or love her not. As a typical dance floor album, it is very strongly influenced by the hip-hop-heavy beats and soul- influenced tunes, the then two co-producers Shep Pettibone and AndrĂ© Betts were typical for the. It was the first album by the artist that had to be provided on the U.S. market with a parental advisory. A censored second edition contained the song Did not You Do It?. The album reached number two on the U.S. charts and went after the six singles, of which the title song Erotica was the most successful. The song was also the title of the second-highest starting position in the history of the U.S. Hot 100 Airplay chart. The song belongs music video was on MTV in the U.S. because of his sexual orientation aired only three times in uncensored original version.

The advertising campaign of Erotica included the erotic photo book Sex , the Madonna 21 Published in October 1992, which caused worldwide headlines and controversy. Never before had an internationally known artist pop such a scene set in and an audience of millions in sex, presented naked. SEX came in an edition out of 1.5 million copies, the week was sold out within a.

The erotic thriller Body of Evidence in 1993 tried in vain to the success of the blockbuster film Basic Instinct to repeat. Madonna “won” with this movie, another Razzie as worst actress. In spring 1993, her film and music career was threatened because of the erotic offensive to stagnate. The directed by Abel Ferrara turned film Dangerous Game again flopped at the box office and the single Bad Girl reached for the first time since 1983 no longer the American Top 20 of the Billboard charts.

After the birth of her daughter, Madonna began working on the new album Ray of Light . In order to design a new sound, Madonna dedicated the British producer William Orbit . By March 1998 released album was Madonna her most successful time to build on: it was in February 1999, four Grammys – including for best pop album and best dance album – after nominations for years ignored WAS Grammy in the at. Lyrically, the themes presented Madonna Maternity (Little Star) and their liking for Eastern religions at the center (Frozen, Shanti Ashtangi, Sky Fits Heaven). From the album Ray of Light were up today 17 million records sold, five singles were released. The corresponding five videos set new accents in the video clip genre. Ray of Light became Madonna’s most successful studio album of the 1990s.

In September 1998, Madonna met at a dinner with her musician-boyfriend Sting in London, the British director Guy Ritchie know and love. In interviews, Madonna spoke frequently at this time about her mother’s fortune, gave advice and educational upbringing was in many television shows as a guest. It also made no secret of the fact that they have a keen student of the ancient Jewish Kabbalah is. The cosmetics company Max Factor (Ellen Betrix) designed its global advertising campaign with Madonna in 1999.

Not commercially successful, however the film was The Next Best Thing . With this film, however, is another worldwide hit Madonna’s name, namely the cover of Don McLean’s classic American Pie . With this song the first time she reached the top of the German charts to La Isla Bonita in 1987. The electronic follow-up album Music of 2000 convinced with innovative production and underground sounds of the French DJ Mirwais . The focus of this production was the first time Madonna’s more mature voice, which was minimal, mainly backed by guitar and electronic beats. Album and singles were a great success: The singles such as videos, for example, Music and Do not Tell Me, broke in the next fashion trend: cowboy hat, boots and hipsters. The album sold 15 million times to prepare for their tour the following year, Madonna was in the fall of 2000, two small gigs in New York and London, where they presented songs from Music.
After the birth of their son Rocco on 11 August 2000 and her marriage to Guy Ritchie on 22 December 2000 Dornoch, Scotland in Madonna launched in June 2001 after years of absence from the stage the sold-out Drowned World tour, which Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England led after. In July, Madonna’s U.S. tour began. On 14 September ended the tour in Los Angeles. Then three days before the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 had shocked the world, broke the Madonna tour and said her prayer to the public. The second greatest-hits album GHV2 was released in November 2001. It offered no new material, and Madonna is not applied.

Then Madonna came in May 2002 after 14 years, back to the theater stage. In the play Up For Grabs by David Williamson, directed by Laurence Boswell played Madonna, the role of art dealer Loren. Up For Grabs was at the Wyndham’s Theatre in London’s West End included in, and Madonna won the Audience Award (Theatregoers’ Choice Theatre Award).

2005 Madonna began a campaign of the fashion house Versace. The photo series by photographer Mario Testino could be Donatella Versace million U.S. dollar cost 10.5. For the flood victims of the tsunamis that devastated parts of Asia in 2004 was in December, she joined other well-known stars at Tsunami Aid and sang with the John Lennon classic Imagine. Another appearance at a benefit concert was held on 2 July 2005 instead. Madonna performed at the Live 8 concert in London – 20 years after the Live Aid concert. In her show she presented the classic Like a Prayer, Ray of Light and Music.

On 16 August 2005, its 47th Birthday fell, Madonna of the horse and broke his collarbone, hand, and several ribs. Despite these injuries, they made two months later, the dance video to Hung Up. In November 2005, Madonna was finally long awaited album Confessions on a Dance Floor on the market, with whom she was number one in 29 countries. This time, Stuart Price, the leading producer of the album. With her dance album, the 47-year-old was again the dance floors of clubs to play. The album was accompanied by a song, the tone in the fall of 2005 stated that: Hung Up . For the biggest hit of her career Madonna was allowed a sample of ABBA ‘s classic Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight) use (. From the sales strategy of her was Madonna thinking, as Hung Up was first published as a mobile phone ringtone to download . When the song was released commercially, reached Hung Up in 41 countries at number one.

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