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LilKimCropKimberly Denise Jones (born July 11 of 1974 in Brooklyn , New York ), better known as Lil ‘Kim, is a rapper who achieved great success in the second half of the 90 , going on to win a Grammy for remix of ” Lady Marmalade . ” It is one of the four rappers who’ve come to number one in the United States . In 2004 she played herself in the video game Def Jam: Fight for NY .

Early and Junior MAFIA

Kimberly Jones was born and raised in Brooklyn. With nine years his parents divorced, leaving to live alone with her father. The relationship between father and daughter was not very good, and took order after a physical assault by her father. She was forced to live on the street, where she met Christopher Wallace, later known as The Notorious BIG and this one of the great figures in their personal and professional life.

In late 1994 The Notorious BIG decided to form the Brooklyn based group Junior MAFIA where Jones was included (under the alias “Big Momma” or “The Lieutenant”). The first and only album of the training was “Conspiracy To Insert”. With the single “Playas Anthem” made it to the top of some lists of hip-hop. The next single with Aaliyah “Need U Tonight” and “Get Money” got the gold record and they entered the Top 20 charts. The album reached number 8 in the Billboard 200 .

After a year with Junior MAFIA decided to start her solo career recording his debut album. Hard Core was released on November 12th of 1996 .

Hard Core
The first album after his split with Junior MAFIA was Hard Core, which contained songs with erotic themes and was for a time a rap album to sell more copies. It went on sale in November of 1996 . The album received double platinum rating. In the collaborating people like Jermaine Dupri , Jay-Z and Missy Elliot . Were taken three singles for the occasion, the first was “No Time” with the ubiquitous Puff Daddy out on October 29 that year and received the platinum rating. “Crush on You” was the next single released in January of 1997 . The third single “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix)” featured some notable collaborations female by Da Brat , Lisa Lopes , Missy Elliott and Angie Martinez , the song quickly became a success and recognition.

The Notorious KIM
After the death of Notorious BIG , Lil ‘Kim released their second entitled Notorious KIM (referring to Biggie). The album came out on June 27th of 2000 . She appeared with great strength and the first sold around 230,000 copies and has nearly three million copies, becoming in this way in his best selling album to date. Two singles were taken, the first being “How Many Licks?” with the lead singer of Dru Hill , Sisqó the second “No Matter What They Say” was the theme chosen for the program Lil Kim: Countdown to Lockdown. In 2001, she collaborated with Christina Aguilera , Mya and Pink for the soundtrack of the film Moulin Rouge , Lady Marmalade (which won a Grammy Award and several awards including MTV Video Awards). File: File: Lilkimvintage.png

La Bella Mafia
The third album by Lil ‘Kim is inspired by the movie La Bella Mafia where women of the Mafia following the death of their husbands take over the business. It was released on March 4 of 2003 . In its first week sold 166.000 copies, to finally end up selling over two million copies in all the world. The first single “The Jump Off” with Mr. Cheeks, which reached acceptable positions on the lists and notes are made on the radio. The next single was “Magic Stick” in collaboration with 50 Cent came second on the list of United States being thus an unprecedented success for Kim. It was expected to record a video for the song but the problems between Kim and would not have provoked Cent video.

The Naked Truth
On September 27th of 2005 was released this album which contains songs like “Lighters Up, produced by her ex-boyfriend Scott Storch , and Whoa. Just a day after the album went on sale Kim was imprisoned. Had trouble with the law and held in prison for his alleged involvement in a shooting back in 2001 . The chain BET I spend several episodes it became the most successful of the chain. The program, Lil Kim: Countdown to Lockdown , consisted of 6 episodes, which included music videos plus other different things about the artist.

Personal life

Kim has a number of Federal Bureau of Prisons # 56198-054.
Kim also recorded a theme for the WWE called “Keys to the city” or “Time to rock & roll” the song was recorded for 7 times women’s champion of the WWE Trish Stratus .

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