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Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Plant (left) and Page (right) in concert during the North American tour of 1977Led Zeppelin was a group English of rock , considered one of the most important of the genre and one of the most popular during the decade of the seventies . Founded in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page , who had belonged to The Yardbirds , to include training in John Paul Jones as bassist and keyboard player (that Page knew from previous work with The Yardbirds), vocalist Robert Plant and John Bonham the battery (which had coincided with Plant in The Band of Joy).

Led Zeppelin had elements of a broad spectrum of influences, including blues , the rock and roll , the soul , the Celtic music , the Indian music , the Arabic, folk , and even the country .

Over thirty years after the breakup of the band in 1980 , the music of Led Zeppelin continues to sell, enjoys wide radio broadcasting, and has proven to be one of the most influential bands in music rock . To date, has sold over 300 million albums worldwide, including 111 million in the United States , and is the second band over diamond disks (awarded ten million U.S. sales ) in the history of music, just below The Beatles . Discs with this certification are: Led Zeppelin IV (23 million), Physical Graffiti (15 million), Led Zeppelin II (12 million), Houses of the Holy (11 million) and Box Set (10 million).

Formation of the band and early work (1968-1969)
Led Zeppelin was formed in late 1968 when Jimmy Page , who already had a reputation in England for his work as musician and as the last guitarist for the band The Yardbirds , seeking new musicians for his new project, The New Yardbirds ( name that caused some legal problems), formed from the dissolution of The Yardbirds . The name of the band arose from a joke of Keith Moon , drummer of The Who (in a recording session on a topic of Jeff Beck in participating Jimmy Page , John Paul Jones , John Entwistle and own Keith Moon ) when he said that the band would fail and fall “like a Lead Zeppelin.” The name came originally as a Lead Zeppelin, but on the recommendation of Peter Grant , manager of the band, was deleted to Lead ( lead , in English) to avoid pronunciation problems by speaking Americans, as ea vowels are pronounced as i in English in North America . However, the bassist of The Who , John Entwistle , has its own version of events: “Four years ago I started getting fed up with the Who, so I talked to a guy who is now production manager of Led Zeppelin. I was talking to him in a club in New York , and I said “Yes, I’m thinking of leaving the group to form mine. I’ll call “Led Zeppelin.” And as album cover I’ll put the Hindenburg in flames, you know, this whole thing … “And about two months later, began working with Jimmy Page, as they were looking for a name, he suggested ‘Led Zeppelin’ to Page liked it and came up with the same album cover that I had planned. ” The production manager referred Entwistle could be Richard Cole, future “road manager” of the band.

The Yardbirds broke up in 1968, and Page and bassist Chris Dreja began to seek members for a new formation. The first candidate for the post of lead singer was Terry Reid , who declined to be part of the band, but recommended a friend named Robert Plant . In August 1968, Page, Dreja, and Peter Grant travel to Birmingham for Plant to see the band, Hobbstweedle. Plant Page accepted the offer to join the band in a meeting at the home page. Plant had a friend who played drums, John Bonham , who would also join this group. Shortly after arrival Bonham, Dreja dropped out of music to become a photographer, so that the three band members are forced to find a new bassist. John Paul Jones , a friend of Page and known session musician, he heard the news and proposed to his friend his entry into the formation, leaving the band closed. The first thing they did was test a normal 12-bar blues . At that point she was the “chemistry” among the four members. His first task was to finish a pending tour Scandinavia under the name The New Yardbirds, which touched many of the issues that are part of their debut album.

After the tour, and already under the name “Led Zeppelin, Peter Grant, manager of the band, the band gave $ 200,000 in exchange for their first album produced. This sum of money came from the label Atlantic Records , which was interested in signing the largest possible number of groups that arose during the time covered under the blues and hard rock style, which Led Zeppelin met to perfection, so they hired Atlantic the band without even having seen them only under the recommendation of Dusty Springfield .

Their first album was released on January 12th of 1969 , under the name of Led Zeppelin . It was recorded in just one week (recorded, mixed and edited) in Olympic Studios London in October 1968 , employing just 30 hours of study and with almost no rehearsal hours. At first, the British public did not respond very warmly the release of the album , produced by Page, which would become a constant throughout the history of the group, a fact that caused the band does not publish single in England . After embarking on their first American tour and thanks to the explosive performances of the band, the album was a huge success in critics and audiences, especially in the United States . The press described the album as heavy metal, something that the band did not agree. Robert Plant said that “it is unfair to describe the band as heavy metal, since a third of our music is acoustic.” Shortly after the release of this debut album, the band decided not to publish any single in England , deteriorating the promotion of the album and later works.
As a curiosity it is noteworthy that, during the tour supporting the album Led Zeppelin I in Denmark, the group operated under the name The Nobs by banning the Baroness Eva von Zeppelin (airship inventor’s family) to use your real name, who argued that they were “screaming monkey” and railed against the album cover, photo courtesy of ex-bassist, Chris Dreja . In addition, authorities in Singapore prevented the band to enter the country to give concert because their hair too long.

During 1969, the band managed to finish the European and American tour and record for them their second album, which was published on October 22 of that year under the name of Led Zeppelin II . This album definitely consecrated them, reaching # 1 in the British and American (toppling the Abbey Road by The Beatles ) and staying there for seven weeks, probably due to the success of songs like ” Whole Lotta Love “and” Heartbreaker . ”
To support the album, the band took a few more U.S. tour ever larger audiences due to rising popularity led to the publication of the group’s second album, extending the dates for more than three hours.

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