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Kittie was founded in 1996 by Morgan and Mercedes Lander. Fallon Bowman was added, as she and Mercedes are met in physical education. Their first bassist was Tanya Candler, who left but in the winter of 1996 (before the first album) the band due to health problems. It was replaced by Talena Atfield.

2001 Fallon Bowman left Kittie and started a new project called Amphibious Assault. Fallon’s position on the guitar was later replaced by Jeff Phillips, who had previously worked as a guitar technician Kitties. He played but only at live performances in public and was never regarded as a full member of the band.

Talena Atfield 2002 left the band. It was replaced by Jennifer Arroyo. 2004 another transfer, the guitarist Lisa Marx replaced Jeff Phillips, who played for full-time again in Thine Eyes Bleed . This was followed (after a three-year break caused by disputes with their label Artemis Records), the third studio album, Until The End.

The Canadians Trish Doan Tara McLeod and bassist Jennifer Arroyo replaced in 2005 and the guitarist Lisa Marx. Tara McLeod previously played in the Canadian metal band Sherry.
On 20 February 2007 was published in Germany in the fourth Kittie album Funeral for Yesterday. In March 2008, Trish Doan, which suffered from an eating disorder, replaced by Ivy Vujic. In the fall of 2008 was followed by a European tour.
The fifth studio album In the Black released in September 2009. Even a video clip for the song Cut Throat was released.

The music style of the band is influenced by bands like Silverchair or Slipknot and the most appropriate and post-hardcore classified. In their songs the band is directed against others, among machos , pedophiles and politicians . Because of the lyrics , some American songs from the radio banned.

In an interview, said frontwoman Morgan Lander:
“We did not want half naked like Britney Spears and our bodies of money to get through only. In our songs we often let out our frustration. “

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