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Kid Rock

Kid Rock


kidrock7Kid Rock was brought into this world as Robert James Ritchie on January 17, 1971. Bob came from a big family and as the third of four children, there was no doubt he would become the family’s performer. His parents were known for throwing parties and hayrides and usually around midnight, Kid Rock would be stirred from his sleep to come and entertain the party. There would be no hesitation…he loved to hog the attention, even though he was only around six years old at the time! Growing up in Romeo, Michigan, Kid Rock had to generate his own fun, which often led him into trouble. Although Kid played his share of childhood pranks and was punished accordingly, he came from a strict Catholic household where high standards were to be kept. He was to go to church every Sunday and his chores included feeding horses, cleaning their dung and rising early in the morning to bring the horses their water.

From live performances in front of his parents’ wasted friends, Kid graduated to break dancing when it became popular in the mid-eighties. Kid was actually an excellent dancer. His first musical loves, Jim Croce and Bob Seger were soon put on the back burner, while Rap Music took the front seat.

In 1990, Kid signed his first contract with Jive Records and then was asked to perform as the opening act on the 40 city national tour of Ice-Cube and Too Short. For the first time, Kid was gaining national recognition and went on to sign with a smaller label,ContinuumRecords. Kid was allowed almost complete leeway in the recording of The Polyfuze Method: (1993), which is when he began writing about the events of his daily life. Today, his fans have become accustomed to his honesty and expect nothing less than this from Kid Rock; he did not disappoint them on Devil Without a Cause.

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