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Juvenile(rapper)Gray began as a 10-year-old became interested in rap and hip-hop. Since the age of 12 he raps and writes his own lyrics and founded with friends, including Young Buck , belonged to the group UTP. As the grouping is not successful, Grey talks with odd jobs and changes between the jobs and freestyle events .

When he the owner of the label Cash Money Records learns, he receives a contract and released his debut, Solja Rags “, the 200,000 records sold only in the Dirty South to success with.

In 1998 he released the album “400 Degreez”, the single “Back That Azz Up.” Because of the success he has received several nominations and awards. With the subsequent releases “Tha G-Code” (1999), “Project English” (2001) and “Playaz of da Game” (2002) he could not build on the successes of the first two albums. 2002 is “Juvenile Presents UTP: The Compilation”. End of 2003 he returns with another solo album “Juve the Great” back.
Mid-2005 left the label Cash Money Records re Juvenile and came later with his label UTP Records at Atlantic Records signed and released 2006 album Reality Check, the No. 1 on the Billboard charts rose. On this album he worked among others, the loss of his property by Hurricane Katrina in his hometown of New Orleans .

On 29 February 2008 Juveniles that time four year old daughter Jelani murdered. At the funeral of the girl took the rapper not attend.

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