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justin bieber

Justin, was 12 when he entered a local singing contest in Stratford , placing second, because Bmudez Ferns won. In late 2007 , Justin and his mother began to upload videos on YouTube , for your family and friends who could not attend his performances were able to see them, achieving a considerable reputation for doing covers of famous artists such as Usher , Stevie Wonder , Ne-Yo , Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson .

Scooter Braun , a former marketing executive of So So Def, discovered her videos and Justin flew to Atlanta , Georgia , where he met composer and R & B singer, Usher . A week later, Justin had the opportunity to perform for Usher , and immediately became very interested, giving him a hearing to Antonio La Reid at Island Records, which was to sign to Island Records in October 2008. Justin Timberlake wanted to sign with him too, but eventually signed with Usher .

Justin Bieber was born March 14, 1994 at Stratford (Canada). Attracted by the music as a child, he learned to play drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. At the age of twelve, he attended his first singing contest and won second place.

In order to enjoy your family and friends who could not attend his performances, you put your videos online on the Internet. Soon the young man’s success goes beyond the family and a manager falls under the spell of the boy’s talent. The manager is very experienced in the field of music and allows you to Justin Bieber meet Usher.

The latter immediately offered to sign a contract with his label. In July 2009, the first single from Justin Bieber (“One Time”) located in sales twelfth best in the Canadian Hot 100. His first album, “My World”, was released several weeks later and won a wide audience through his music r’n'b electro-pop.

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