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Jussi Bjorling

Jussi Bjorling Albums

maestro‘Best Recordings, Vol. 1: Jussi Bjorling’
Release Date 1/13/2008
Tracks 17

‘The Bjorling: The King of Tenors’
Release Date 4/27/1999
Tracks 17
Label Hallmark

‘Skansen Concert 1952′

Release Date 12/16/1997
Tracks 5
Label Bluebell

‘Jussi Bjorling Edition: Studio Recordings 1930-1959′
Release Date 11/11/1997
Tracks 49
Label Capitol

‘Jussi Bjorling: His Last Performances’
Release Date 1/1/1997
Tracks 16
Label Gala

‘Grona Lund Recordings, Vol. 2′
Release Date 6/28/1994
Tracks 21
Label Bluebell

‘The Atlanta Recital, April 13, 1959′
Release Date 1/1/1959
Label Bluebell

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