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Hot Boys

Hot Boys

hot boysThe Hot Boys were a group the United States of hip hop from New Orleans , which consisted of BG , Juvenile , Lil Wayne , and Turk . Were part of the popular record label Cash Money Records , and were active four years from 1997 to 2001 .

The success seemed to grow without restraint, but this progression was shaken by the incident when two members of the Hot Boys left Cash Money. The problems came when the label Juvenile and BG, questioned the financial status of Brian Williams , CEO of Cash Money. Some artists say they feel cheated because they used their earnings to their luxurious habits. The first to leave the house was BG (accusing Brian “Baby” Williams did not pay even a dollar for albums released before 1998 ), later, in 2001 Juvenile (claiming that he had only received half of the money accumulated on the road 4 years, nor true payment received by the rightful platinum album 400 Degreez) and Turk did too, leaving only Big Tymers and Lil Wayne, who continued his solo career.

The term “Hot Boys” was adopted by four friends from Magnolia Projects in New Orleans because of his penchant for wearing red and have all sorts of luxuries in the neighborhood. Gangsta, Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito were thugs from the streets of New Orleans, and it was rumored that when the Hot Boys left the streets, the murder rate decreased.

Terrance “Gangsta” Williams was one of 25 children who had Terrance Among his siblings were Mr. Ronald and Brian Williams, Cash Money recods creators. They realized that at a funeral, where coincidentally, Ronald Terrance met and had a conversation without knowing they were brothers, at the end of it, eventually discovering that they were brothers. Terrance worked with his brothers in the development of his company, Cash Money. When artists – who later would form Hot Boys – decided to join a supergroup, Terrance left the name of your group with the promising artists. The “Hot Boys” were born.
Of the original Hot Boys, Sterling, Dooney and Mosquito were killed, and Terrance, now serving a life sentence for ordering several murders.

The group has released three albums, Get It How You Live (400,000 sales), Guerrilla Warfare (1.6 million sales) and Let’em Burn (500,000 sales).

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