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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi HendrixJames Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix, Seattle , USA , November 27 of 1942 – London , England , United Kingdom , September 18 of 1970 ) was a guitarist , singer and songwriter American . Is considered and frequently cited by various artists, for various journals in music, by several critics and the press in general and admiration and affection of the people as the greatest guitarist in rock history , and is one of the most innovative and influential artists in a wide range of genres.

Hendrix was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 .
In 2003 , the magazine Rolling Stone chose him as the best guitarist of all time . and in 2004 it included in its list of top artists of all time (No. 6). In 2009 , the American magazine Time placed it as the best guitar guitarist in history, ahead of Slash , BB King , Chuck Berry , Keith Richards , Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page among others.

Similarly, in 2003 the British magazine Total Guitar with the votes of more than 4000 readers chose Jimi Hendrix as the “best guitarist in rock history.” also has the best ‘ Riff ‘on history music for the song Voodoo Child according to a survey in 2009 by the British dedicated site Music Radar , beating other well-known bands like The Beatles , Rolling Stones , Metallica , AC / DC , Guns N ‘Roses , Led Zeppelin , Deep Purple , among others.

Adolescence and early

Born in King County Hospital in Seattle in Washington State , United States , whose mother is a native American origins and African American father, under the name Johnny Allen Hendrix. Changed its name to James Marshall Hendrix in memory of his father’s late brother Leon Marshall Hendrix.

Little Jimi spent his early years in a very humble and had a childhood marked by divorce of his parents when he was just assorted 9 years, therefore, was granted custody to his paternal grandmother Nora Rose Moore, then the only person capable of guaranteeing a minimum of stability.

His first instrument was a harmonica at age 4. He obtained his first acoustic guitar at age 14 for five dollars an acquaintance of his father, replacing the ukulele in a single string that his father had found a garage cleaning. He learned by practicing constantly, watching other musicians played more experienced as BB King , among others. In 1958 , the year his mother died, his father bought him his first guitar , a Supro Ozark white, but no amp , with whom he played in several local bands. That same year his only failing grade in school was an F in music class. Uninterested in school, they would before graduation, Jimi timely manner began to devote himself to music: his reference points were guitarists in the blues scene in Chicago as Elmore James , Muddy Waters and Albert King , not to speak of legends outstanding delta blues, like Robert Johnson and Leadbelly , and rock and roll as Chuck Berry .

At the beginning of the decade of 60 , because of some trouble with the law, was forced to choose between a period of imprisonment or military enlistment; chosen the second option, Hendrix enlisted the May 31 of 1961 in the 101st Airborne Division and sent to Fort Campbell in Kentucky , after a brief training. His adventure lasted through the ranks very little frustrated by the rigidity of the environment and intended to pursue music, Jimi Hendrix decided to put an end to his time under arms, visiting several times a psychologist of the army claiming to be homosexual . Taking into account some interviews left by Hendrix on purpose, however, it seems that in order to obtain the claimed low back problems result of a parachute jump.

The approach to the music scene
Once the low, “Buster” (as he knew many friends and family) settled in the vicinity of Clarksville, in Tennessee . Began performing in public in 1962 with the group formed with his friend Billy Cox , the King Casuals. The group began to exhibit in local training area until the whole decided to move to Nashville. The group activity is developed largely in local area Jefferson Street, traditionally considered the heart of Nashville’s African American community and known for intense rhythm and blues scene in that period was being developed, this environment led and influenced the early experience “live” Hendrix.

During the next three years lived a life Jimi erratic, taking part in the tour called Chitlin ‘Circuit and became a permanent presence through an endless series of exhibitions, both guitarist King Casuals as support groups a large number of musicians blues , rhythm and blues and soul as Chuck Jackson, Slim Harpo, Tommy Tucker, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson. The period in the Chitlin ‘Circuit was key to his musical and stylistic, in this context Hendrix set out its position and consolidated their knowledge of the roots of blues .
Once finished with what later proved to be his learning curve in an attempt to move beyond the context of racism and degradation he had found in the southern U.S. , Hendrix decided to move to New York . In January of 1964 , guitarist moves into the neighborhood of Harlem , where he cemented a close friendship with the twins Arthur and Albert Allen (now better known as Taharqa and Tunde-Ra Aleem). His friendship with Allen twins soon was intended to be fundamental and long lasting, as evidenced by some collaborations in the latter part of Hendrix’s career in the interior of their recordings (an example can be considered Freedom, in which the twins Allen took care of the backing vocals accredited under the name Ghetto Fighters). Also vital relationship with that later became his girlfriend, Lithofayne “Fayne” Pridgeon. Fayne actually tried all sorts of human and logistical support and revealed essential Hendrix also their integration into the local scene thanks to their knowledge of underground music scene in Harlem .

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