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Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band



David John Matthews, born on January 9th of 1967 in South Africa , naturalized American , who won the Grammy for his work as singer and guitarist Dave Matthews Band .
He also made solo albums, many of which involved the collaboration of Tim Reynolds . An occasional actor, he appeared in two movies and an episode of the series ” House . ” He is currently participating in the filming of three films.

His Youth
Dave was born into a family with four children, had two sisters (Anne, senior, and Jane, who was younger than him) and brother (Peter). When David was two, his family moved to Yorktown Heights in the County of Westchester , New York , where his father, a physicist, began working for IBM . Then in the early 70s, began his life in Cambridge , England , later returning to New York, where his father died in 1977. The family returns to South Africa in 1980. It was his father who encouraged him to take piano lessons as a child, before he took a guitar at nine years old. Anne, the sister of Dave, died in 1994 when her husband killed her and later suicide. The Grammy-nominated album “Under The Table and Dreaming” is dedicated to her. After his graduation from St Stithians College (high school), he faces a subpoena from the South African government to enlist in the military service . Coming from a family of devout Quaker , military service was not an option.

Although some of the time spent following in South Africa and Amsterdam , was in Charlottesville , Virginia , which became part of the local community of musicians. Pursuing various interests, Matthews appeared in various local productions. While I was excited by the music, became a local bartender named Miller’s, where he felt intimidated by the quality of music presented, and therefore preferred to stay away from public performances. But local star (and future collaborator) Tim Reynolds finally got Matthews to join him on stage one night, and Dave transfixed the audience with his performance. This led to his first professional musical tour with Miki Liszt Dance Company in a modern dance performance in which he played the song Sensitive Feelings, consisting of John D’earth and Dawn Thompson . In 1990 he hatched the idea of forming his own band.

Formation DMB
Matthews had first considered the possibility that someone else sing his songs, but then decided to be the same who understood. However, before writing his first songs, including “The Song That Jane Likes” and “Recently, he began to consider forming their own band. Thus in the beginning of 1991, while still working as a bartender, he formed the Dave Matthews Band, whose members were Boyd Tinsley , LeRoi Moore , Carter Beauford , Stefan Lessard and Peter Grieser, musicians who continue to form part of the band, except to Grieser, who left the band shortly after its formation and LeRoi Moore who died following complications from an automobile accident on August 19, 2008. The first presentation of the band was on April 22, 1991, in the medeya Park, Charlottesville, VA, during the Festival of Earth Day (Earth’s Day).

Other projects
In the late 90′s, Dave Matthews was a guest in two concerts by the Rolling Stones . Helped Coran Capshaw, manager of DMB, found the ATO Records label in 2000, a company in which still remains as a director. Participated in 2003 singing on the song “Sing Along”, part of the album The Complex, the second album by Blue Man Group . That same year he released his first solo album, Some Devil , which went platinum for sales, its first single, “Gravedigger,” won a Grammy in 2004. To present this album, the musician he toured with a group of musicians (many of them participated in the recording) under the name of Dave Matthews & Friends . This side project of Matthews is active when his band, DMB, remains inactive.

The friendship that binds with Béla Fleck led him to appear as guest vocals on the album Left Of Cool by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, released in 1998. Fleck and Victor Wooten, Flecktones bassist, made numerous live appearances and studio with DMB. Besides the Flecktones opened DMB concert on several tours. Also, Dave Matthews undertook tours occasionally with his friend Tim Reynolds, playing songs from both accompanied by their guitars.

Since 2001, Matthews has been a director of “Farm Aid” charity event that takes place to get help and resources for American farm families. The singer has 1340 acres of land in a farm called Maple Hill, near Scottsville, Va., where harvesting organic vegetables, flowers and herbs through a community program of agriculture. Near the farm, Matthews maintains the four-acre vineyard occupies Blenheim.

As an actor played the character of Will Coleman in the adaptation of the novel “Where the Red Fern Grows”, in 2003. In 2005 she played the role of Otis, the timid and shy cousin of the owner of a pet store that he takes care, in the movie “Because of Winn-Dixie”, based on the novel. It also participates in “Lake City”, to launch date in 2007, “The Other Side” to launch date in the same year and “ItW” with expected release date for the year 2008.

He also participated in the 15th episode of the third season of the FOX series called “House MD” Chapter that aired on March 6, 2007. His role was that of a pianist named Patrick Obyedkov, that an operation on the brain loses its ability as a musician.

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