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Cher on 6 July 2007 in ParisCherilyn Sarkisian (born in El Centro , United States , on May 20 of 1946 ), known worldwide as Cher, is a singer , actress , songwriter , designer and producer U.S. home Armenian . Several times he has been honored for his performance in his career music and as an actress . Among his many awards are Oscar , Grammy , Emmy , Golden Globe and an award at the Cannes Film Festival .

Dubbed as “Goddess of Pop” (The Goddess of Pop), Cher came to fame in 1965 as part of the duo Sonny & Cher , along with ex-husband Sonny Bono . Cher subsequently established himself as soloist. He has released 25 studio albums , several compilations and 56 singles , five of them have reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 . The most notable is ” Believe . ” It was number one in 23 countries and earned him the Grammy Award , may be regarded as the third most successful song of all time sung by a female artist behind ” My Heart Will Go On “by Celine Dion and ” I Will Always Love You “by Whitney Houston . He became a television star in mid- 1970 and actress film in early 1980 . In 1987 he won the Academy Award as best actress for the film Moonstruck .

With a career spanning the 40 years and showing no signs of decay, Cher is known as a pop icon and one of the few singers divas of the music considered in addition to his youthful appearance, due to multiple plastic surgeries . has sold between 100 million album format and 250 million incluyemdo singles worldwide as a soloist, making it one of the most successful female singers in history and a of the most successful artists of all time . In 2009 , the singer is in the hotel Caesars Palace in Las Vegas , where his show featuring Cher At The Colosseum . It is also known to possess a range voice of contralto.

Early life
Cher was born in El Centro , California , on May 20th of 1946 , at 7:25 am . His father, John Sarkisian was born in 1920 , was an Armenian refugee who worked as a truck driver. His mother, Georgia Holt was born in Arkansas on June 20th of 1927 . He married eight times, aspired to be an actress and worked as a model occasionally. Ancestry is Cherokee , British and German . Cher’s parents divorced when she was young and grew up mostly with his mother and half sister Georgeane, daughter of Gilbert LaPierre, Holt’s second husband, a banker who adopted Cher. In addition to the serious financial problems that were in the family, Cher was diagnosed with dyslexia , which made her leave school at an early age. At that time had an affair with the now actor Warren Beatty .

At age 16, following the footsteps of her mother, Cher went to Los Angeles to study acting. However, was unsuccessful because his illness prevented him. en route to Los Angeles in 1963 at a local coffee shop called the music producer Sonny Bono , they became fast friends, then engaged and later married.

Musical career
Sonny Bono worked at the time with producer Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood . Through Sonny, Cher enters the musical field recording demos, singing in choirs and participated in several recordings of Spector , for artists like The Righteous Brothers and Darlene Love. Spector saw the potential that was Cher’s voice and no doubt to launch the music scene. Under the stage name Bonnie Jo Mason, Cher released her first single in 1964 called Ringo, I Love You, dedicated to Ringo Starr , without success. Spector’s efforts did not stop and decided to join Sonny Cher under the stage name Cesar & Cleo, releasing the single “The Letter” that also failed.

In early 1965 decided to relaunch under the name ” Sonny & Cher “and his first studio album, Look At Us, which was a bestseller in the market U.S. and Europe . From this album came the single ” I Got You Babe , “which became a worldwide success reaching # 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 . This success was followed by singles “Baby Do not Go”, Just You “” But You’re Mine “,” Little Man “and finally” The Beat Goes On. ”
That same year the duo appears on entertainment programs like The Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Top of the Pops, Ready Steady Go! And Shindig!. Cher was highlighted as a modern pop icon for his flamboyant dress and Sonny & Cher soon became an iconic hippie . Parallel Cher released her debut solo album entitled All I Really Want To Do , which was much appreciated, and reached # 16 on Billboard 200 . The single titled the album is a reversal of the song from Bob Dylan with the same title and reached the # 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1966 he released his second solo album entitled The Sonny Side of Cher , who was a great success in the United Kingdom ; of this album came the singles “Where Do You Go” and “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” (both composed and produced by Sonny Bono ). The latter song was a huge success in North America , becoming the most successful single by Cher in the early 60s . In 1966 Cher released her first eponymous album which, although not as successful as previous ones, included the single “Sunny”, which occupied the first places in the UK charts. The following year released a new studio album called Backstage , but was a commercial failure.

1969: business failures and renewal
The career of Sonny & Cher suddenly stalled in 1968 . Albums that were not successful and does not surpass the 400 thousand copies sold worldwide. Part of business failures resulted from the sixties decade was coming to an end and the musical culture had taken a radical turn, which severely affected the duo. The March 4 of 1969 was born Chastity Bono , the daughter of Sonny and Cher. Together they try to enter the big screen appearing in films such as Good Times and Chastity (the latter made his debut as an actress Cher), but also resulted in failure.

In early 1970 the couple moved to Las Vegas to work separately in the hotel temporarily Caesars Palace . Cher has quickly established itself as a casino singer Sonny and humorist. While both were successful in the hotel, newly improved substantially their fate when they signed a contract with the network CBS in 1971 to transmit a variety show entitled The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour in which the couple was seen doing comedy and completely live performances with various celebrity guests, including Chuck Berry , Carol Burnett , George Burns , Glen Campbell , Tina Turner , Dick Clark , Tony Curtis , Bobby Darin , Phyllis Diller , Farrah Fawcett , Merv Griffin , The Jackson Five , Jerry Lee Lewis , Liberace , Steve Martin , Ronald Reagan , Burt Reynolds , Lynn Anderson , Barbara Eden , The Righteous Brothers , Neil Sedaka , Dinah Shore , Sally Struthers , The Supremes , and Raquel Welch . The program was so successful that it was awarded two Golden Globe , while Cher was nominated for an Emmy Award four consecutive times from 1971 to 1974.
And 25 years and using their TV fame, Cher decided to return to the music scene by releasing the album Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves , with great sales success in the U.S., something he could not since 1966 . The album was ranked # 16 of the Billboard 200 and included the singles “Gypsies Tramps & Thieves” and “The Way of Love”, the first ranked # 1 on the Hot 100 and the second ranked # 7 of the chart. In 1973 and 1974 launched two equally successful album, Half Breed and Dark Lady , who were # 1 in U.S. and Europe and “Disco de Oro” in subsequent years. In 1974, Cher released the compilation Greatest Hits .

1975: Sonny & Cher order
In the third season of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, even though the marriage of Sonny and Cher was in crisis, his show was still a success and was ranked among the top 10 this year. Cher even won a Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or musical for television in 1975. On June 27 , 1975 Sonny and Cher divorced while their program off the air.

Both Sonny and Cher became independent and the two formed their own variety shows. Sonny with The Sonny Comedy Revue, which was canceled six weeks after launch and Cher The Cher Show, a great success, where stars appeared as Bette Midler , Elton John , Pat Boone , David Bowie , Ray Charles , Dion DiMucci , Patti Labelle , Cheryl Ladd , Wayne Newton , Linda Ronstadt , Lily Tomlin and Frankie Valli .
Just six days after the break with Sonny Bono , Cher married again, this time with rocker Gregg Allman . From this union was born Elijah Blue Allman, who was born on July 10 of 1976 . Cher divorced again in 1977 to coincide with the end of his television program. From 1975 to 1978 Cher released a series of unsuccessful albums: Stars , I’d Rather Believe in You and Cherished .
After The Cher Show was canceled in 1977 , Cher made TV specials, including highlights Cher … Special in 1978 with special guest Dolly Parton and which was nominated for an Emmy, and Cher. .. and Other Fantasies in 1979 .

That same year Cher signs a contract with Casablanca Records to release a studio album entitled Take Me Home , devoted mainly to the disco at that time was very fashionable. Take Me Home proves to be successful, peaking at number 25 in the United States on the Billboard 200, the biggest selling records and being certified as “gold record” by the Recording Industry Association of America . The single of the same name reached the top 10 on the Hot 100 U.S. and, like the album, is also certified gold. In the same year he published another album, Prisoner , which was not as successful as its predecessor.

1980: break time and musical success
In the early eighties Cher participated in the soundtrack of the film Foxes, recording the single “Bad Love”, the song was included in the international version of The Very Best of Cher . The following albums Cher launched in those years would be only commercial failures Black Rose in 1980 and I Paralyze in 1982 . In 1981 along with Meat Loaf released the single “Dead Ringer of Love” which reached the Top 5 of the UK charts, this would be the ultimate success of the diva until 1989 .

Seeing the poor sales of its products, Cher decided take a break in the music to pursue acting, which proved to be very positive because in the next seven years managed to win two Golden Globe and Academy Award . On May 22 of 1986 , Cher made a controversial appearance on Late Night on David Letterman . In the pre interview for the show, Cher had an altercation with the show’s producers and referred to Letterman in very bad terms when asked about their little music sales. A year after two rough’d file when Letterman brought Sonny Bono and Cher in their program to sing ” I Got You Babe “, in what was a memorable moment because it was the last time Sonny & Cher sang together the song that blessed.

Cher returned to his musical career in 1987 by signing a contract for three albums with the label Geffen Records , the same year he released his nineteenth studio album entitled Cher . This is her second album which it highlights the participation of Diane Warren , Jon Bon Jovi , Richie Sambora , Desmond Child and Michael Bolton in production. The album proved a huge worldwide success, selling over seven million copies and placing the singles “I Found Someone” and “We All Sleep Alone” at the top lists of the United States and Europe. In 1989 he released his second album with Geffen , titled Heart of Stone , surpassing the success of its predecessor to become the most successful to date Cher, was certified three times to “platinum” by the RIAA .

This album included the single ” If I Could Turn Back Time “, one of Cher’s biggest hits throughout his career. The song topped the charts in Australia and was ranked at # 3 in the U.S. and at # 6 in the United Kingdom, and reach high positions in various countries. Other hit singles Heart of Stone were “Just Like Jesse James”, “Heart of Stone” and “Alter All”, the latter a duet with Peter Cetera . The music video for “If I Could Turn Back Time” caused a great controversy since it Cher wore a black body erotic leagues almost transparent translucent, below which also had a small black swimsuit. Recognized broadcasters such as MTV and VH1 censored video, providing that the transmission will be made only after 9 pm . Cher performed this year Heart of Stone Tour, a tour which came out a DVD titled Cher: Live at the Mirage which was recorded in the hotel Mirage in Las Vegas .

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