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Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana Biography

Carlos SantanaCarlos Augusto Alves Santana ( Autlan de Navarro , Jalisco , Mexico , July 20 of 1947 ) is a guitarist Mexican of jazz-rock and Latin rock, multiganador the Grammy . It is considered the 15. second best guitarist of all time , according to the magazine Rolling Stone .

His father was a violinist in a band of mariachi in his native Autlan, Jalisco. De Young, Charles learned to play the violin , but switched to the guitar when he was eight. In 1955 his family moved to Tijuana . Carlos, eight years was devoted to the guitar, studied and emulated the sounds of BB King , T-Bone Walker and John Lee Hooker under the tutelage of Master Javier Batiz .

Meanwhile he played with local bands like The TJ’s in which he played bass, which added its own twist and original sense of the folk songs of rock ‘n roll from the fifties. To keep playing with different sets of travel along “Tijuana Strip,” began to perfect his style and sound.

At first he stayed in Tijuana to improve their musical skills in local clubs when his family moved again, this time to San Francisco , California in 1960, but soon joined them, were enrolled in school, learning English, and wanting to play music. At the same time, Carlos was immersed in the picturesque San Francisco, with its diverse cultural influences and musical styles.

In 1965 received U.S. citizenship , in 1973 is attached sentimentally to Deborah King, and father of three children.

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