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Bush (band)

Bush bandThe Bushes are a band English of alternative rock from an active 1992 . Their style is called post-grunge , to highlight the influence that the wave of groups grunge has had on their music.

In December of 1992 the singer and guitarist Gavin Rossdale , and the other guitarist Nigel Pulsford met at a concert in a club in London and decided to start playing together, creating a sound aggressive and energetic yet melodic, fruit mediation of their varied musical influences.

Hired the bassist Dave Parsons (ex- Transvision Vamp ) and drummer still unknown, the group begins to make his first concert originally called ” Future Primitives “, before changing its name to” Bush. ”

Seeing a concert, drummer Robin Goodridge was fascinated by the sound of the band and asks the group to come to you in part replace the previous drummer, he considered to be poor. Gets the role and at the end of 1993 the band signed a recording contract with newborn Trauma Records and recorded his first album ” Sixteen Stone “with producers Clive Langer and Alan Wistanley album that will sell eight million copies in five years.

From ” Sixteen Stone “is extracted a hit single,” Everything Zen, “whose music video directed by Matt Mahurin enter heavy rotation on music over the broadcaster MTV and conquer the top of the charts alternatives. The fortunate success of “Everything Zen” is repeated with other songs from their debut album, especially “Glycerine.” The radio transmit massive rock songs of Bush, meanwhile engaged in well over 230 concerts, the United States to promote the album.

The number of fans is growing dramatically, with the assistance provided to the media group exposure to magazines like ” Rolling Stone “and” Details “.
After the tour of ” Sixteen Stone “in May of 1996 with two memorable concerts at Red Rocks , the Bush administration immediately began to work on their second album ” Razorblade Suitcase “. They use the experience of the sound engineer and producer Steve Albini and affect the thirteen songs on the album in Studio Two of Abbey Road .

The album debuted at the top of the charts of ” Billboard “in November of 1996 , driven by the single “Swallowed” “Greedy Fly” and “Cold Contagious”. The whole album is permeated by a kind of introspection that contrasts with the urgency of the end of ” Sixteen Stone “, the arrangements become more sophisticated and the dynamics are much more varied. Despite this, critics continue to express unflattering opinions about the group, labeled the Bush clones as Nirvana unoriginal and uninspired.

The next album, released in 1997 , is titled ” Deconstructed “and contains a series of remixes of the single most successful. The turning point for the band came in 1999 with the album ” The Science of Things “album in which Bush will make a profound experiment on the tracks and turn their deep sound to electronic music, including songs in the sample number, and drum-machines loops. Songs such as “The Chemicals Between Us” and “Warm Machine” conserve energy but the beginnings are enriched with sophisticated arrangements.

At the end of 2001 , the band returned to the sound of roots with the album ” Golden State “. Fans continue to support the band, although the album did not receive the immense consents obtained from previous records. On the promotional tour will ” Golden State “joins guitarist Helmet Chris Traynor a few months after replacing founding guitarist Nigel Pulsford , who left the band to spend more time with his family.

For the future frontman Gavin Rossdale (now married with the singer of No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani ) does not exclude a possible new job for Bush, his present, however, is distinguished by its new musical project, the Institute and his burgeoning career d ‘ actor (remember the participation in the film “Zoolander” with Ben Stiller and the hit ” Constantine “with Keanu Reeves ).

The Bush back in July 2010 with a single, Afterlife, scheduled for October of that year the album Everything Always Now

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