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B E Taylor

B.E. Taylor Biography


Successful Disease

BE Taylor, (birth name William Edward Taylor), was born and raised in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. BE parents, Bill and Betty Taylor, knew very early that their son would become a singer.

DA was hit by a serious kidney disease, nephritis – “kidney infection”, at the age of 11 years, which led him to the hospital and care home for more than a year. He was a magician, and was limited to the visit, because he was so susceptible to infections and bacteria.

You can not imagine your sorrow at seeing other children playing outdoors during hot days of summer and sledding in winter. He filled his time reading and listening to music. His parents bought him a guitar to pass the time, and that’s where it all began. He practiced constantly, learning to be accompanied as he continued to have fun singing.

He recovered from a long illness and returned to school the following year. Since then, he continued his musical career. It was a different high school bands that played at dances, weddings, clubs and taverns. Eventually, he met with four musicians and formed a winning team Taylor.

Dream life Leaders

BE Taylor is a nationally recognized artist recording and the scene continues to blaze new trails musical. He had a varied career that allowed him to create and entertain fans at every stage of his musical journey.

As a top rock band in Pittsburgh in the ’80s, BE Taylor Group, were placed at number one Billboard hit of vitamin Regional L. Group has also studied with Karen, Reggae & Rock & Roll Never Hold Back before the split of the three major publications of the MCA and Epic / CBS.

For several years, the house band was directed and co-host of the nationally recognized, awarded and syndicated Christian Music Video Music Light Show. He also had a successful career is a secondary voice work for a wide range of clients including Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Old Navy, and Roy Rogers to name a few.

BE in 1994 founded his own record label, Chrishae Records. He continued to have hits radio, as this time, and Love You All Over Again, copies can still get radio play is a national union Delilah. Being visited the church and the intimate setting of a concert as a base for his career, was the signing of a success. During this period he was musical director and produced by national recording artists Christian, Kathy Troccoli.

Working with his friend and co-producer Rick Witkowski, Records released Chrishae BE Taylor Christmas, with BE unique interpretation of some of the most beautiful and sacred songs of Christmas. It ‘was quickly noticed the approval of the radio in Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV. In 1996, rented a small room in Wheeling to provide one-off live on his album. The overwhelming reaction to the concert that started BE Taylor Christmas Tour and now plays every year 40 000 fans happy. Tour sells two nights at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, and two nights at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, and Chicago, stopping at places in Winston Salem, NC. Question for the second fan Christmas album, Christmas is produced in two in 2002.

Just relaxing rest of the year. In 2008, the Pittsburgh Ballet commissioned a performance the week Valentine’s Day on the basis of original love ballads BE Taylor. In 2010, Marvin Hamlisch built Pittsburgh one week of the Flash presentation BE Chrishae Publishing One Nation Under God, an album of patriotic songs, including two originals. Also be made as part of a tribute to Heinz Hall Fred Rogers, host Paula Zahn, Pat Sajak and John Lithgow, and the 85th Jubilee Newsical with KDKA Pittsburgh Symphony. In 2008, BE was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award Duquesne University. He is a member of the Beaver Valley Hall of Fame and received the Distinguished Award from the West Virginia Governor Bob Wise, West Virginia. BE is a device on the local stage charity concert, often lending his talents to worthy causes like the Special Olympics, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh School for the Blind, Project bundle up, Toys for Tots and March of Dimes among others.

This year, fans will be happy to know that they can enjoy the popular BE Taylor Christmas Concert throughout the year, until the release of the magnificent concert BE is available on this CD & DVD Christmas! In addition, the American Public Television in Pittsburgh in collaboration with PBS station WQED regional authorities BE Taylor Christmas Concert presented in more than 150 PBS markets. American Public Television with a national demonstration of BE Taylor Christmas Concert, all America will soon feel the love and BE Taylor Christmas.

Passion and compassion are the qualities that have loved BE Taylor and his audience to continue to make him one of the biggest concert draws in the region and most respected musical talents.

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