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ABC – Biography

ABCProviders “perfect pop” in the early 80s, the ABC’s has always been dominated by the amazing vocal range and lyrical songwriting skills of singer Martin Fry (born March 9, 1958, Manchester, England). The group was formed after Fry had interviewed Mark White (born on 1 April 1961, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, guitar) and Stephen Singleton (born April 17, 1959 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, saxophone), two members of the holding Sheffield-based electronic Conversely, a fanzine for modern medicine. Accepting the invitation to participate as a singer, Fry took artistic control of the Act, to change its name to ABC and to change the musical direction towards a more pop-oriented.

The band has completed a temporary arrival of bassist Mark Lickley, and drummer David Robinson, although the latter was soon replaced by David Palmer (p. 29 May 1961, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England).

ABC first single “Tears Are Not Enough,” with Robinson, was released on his own label to neutrons. The song in the Top 20 in the UK in late 1981, but was the year after ABC’s reputation cemented with three Top 10 UK over a period of seven months, “Poison Arrow,” “The Look Of Love” and “All Of My Heart.” Her pristine pop songs were nowhere better shown than in the magnificent The Lexicon of Love. The Trevor Horn-produced the album remains a benchmark of 80′s pop, and a wonderful collection melodramatic love songs together in one neat package.

The album reached number one and stayed on the charts in the UK for a year, and broke into the American Top 30.

Beauty Stab followed was recorded as a trio, after the apostasy of Palmer Yellow Magic Orchestra. The relative failure of the album to imitate the successful debut led to a disruption of additional staff, and in 1984 there were only Fry and white original training. They continued as ABC, using session musicians and undergoes a change of image to promote How To Be A … Zillionaire!, Almost to the point of being caricatures. This image, particularly in the form of videos, the band gave some success in the U.S. with “Be Near Me” reached Top 10 in 1985 “(How To Be A) Millionaire” peaked at number 20 of the following January.

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