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ABC Music

  1. Abc band All of My HearAll of My Heart
  2. Be Near Me
  3. (How to Be A) Millionaire
  4. The Look of Love (ABC song)
  5. Love Conquers All (ABC song)
  6. The Night You Murdered Love
  7. Ocean Blue (song)
  8. Peace and Tranquility
  9. Poison Arrow
  10. Tears Are Not Enough (ABC song)
  11. That Was Then but This Is Now
  12. When Smokey Sings



ABC band

ABC has its roots in the Gaza vice versa. Vice Versa was formed in 1977 in Sheffield by Stephen Singleton, Mark White and David Sydenham, they founded their own label, Neutron Records, releasing music EP fourth They had similarities with The Human League, they have supported in 1978 .

Martin Fry, who wrote fanzines modern medicine, interviewed the group and shortly after, they asked him to participate as a keyboard player, and Fry agreed, and shortly after the band evolved into ABC Fry to take over on vocals.


ABC – Biography

ABCProviders “perfect pop” in the early 80s, the ABC’s has always been dominated by the amazing vocal range and lyrical songwriting skills of singer Martin Fry (born March 9, 1958, Manchester, England). The group was formed after Fry had interviewed Mark White (born on 1 April 1961, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, guitar) and Stephen Singleton (born April 17, 1959 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, saxophone), two members of the holding Sheffield-based electronic Conversely, a fanzine for modern medicine. Accepting the invitation to participate as a singer, Fry took artistic control of the Act, to change its name to ABC and to change the musical direction towards a more pop-oriented. (more…)