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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson


Frailty, ambiguity and great ability to understand the tastes of the public, that was Michael Jackson who, with Paul Giovanazzi, receives yet another bibliographic citation. A text that lays bare the life of the American and his split personality, or as he called the author, “an adult-age child “. This exuberance, this soul came from the Peter Pan, perhaps, lack of childhood “normal” children from games that are to be launched, just as a star. And Neverland, “the land” that is built around it was the wish to give “consistent inconsistency” of his being. White, spotless, eternally young, that he wanted the singer who, in his life he tried to make a real chimera, and we can say that from a musical standpoint, he achieved his goal. His way of dancing, her video, the scene of concerts, everything was meticulously attended to with professionalism, dedication and commitment, and the world rewarded him lifted up “in the Hall of the Gods.” A man who lived to excess and then reported to the general public, hopelessly, she loved him or hated him, no doubt, however, treated him with indifference.
After the death Giovannazzi Paul describes as “Jacko” as “an icon, the King of Pop, capable of pulverizing any sales records, a dancer with a unique style, the first global superstar of the era of video clips. An explosion that you keep hearing the echo. ”
The author tries to “unwind the skein” that enveloped the myth that for 40 years has been in the spotlight of the world, past the stage of a child prodigy has even increased his fame, this life, too much to live, he befallen him.

The book is enriched by numerous photographs, is an opportunity for those who want to understand the mechanisms of diversion (or deviant) of show business.

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