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Michael Jackson is an American singer and dancer born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana.

His mother, Katherine is employed in a store. His father, Joseph Jackson, is a minor and also a musician in a band called The Falcons. It is a violent and authoritarian father, who lets nothing go to his children. Michael, his five brothers (Tito, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine and Randy) and his 3 three sisters (Maureen, Janet and La Toya) amounted to the harsh and did not have much freedom. They are used to get together and sing together. Tito learned the guitar to accompany them. Their father is furious that he dared to touch his own guitar, but listening to them, he senses they are talented and they could make good money by forming a group. So begins the Jackson Five in 1962. They participate in numerous contests and sweep all the prizes. This talent could not go unnoticed and in 1968, the group was spotted by Bobby Taylor, who allows them to go audition for entry to the Motown record label the first black American music. The Jackson Five are presented to the American public by Diana Ross. The success of their first single, I Want You Back, is huge (the largest that Motown has ever known) and immediate. They confirm this explosive start with ABC, The Love You Save, I’ll Be There, Never Can Say Goodbye, and detonate the charts, linking the gold records (in nine months, 10 million copies are sold world). This is especially the young Michael who attracts the attention of producers. They decide to become a star and launch a solo career. In 1971, he released a disc Got to Be There and Ben, who confirmed the hunches of producers: this boy has something special, it seems to attract success like a magnet.

The success of the first singles by Michael Jackson coincides with the decline of the Jackson Five. The band members grew up and are no longer recipe. In 1975, after leaving Motown does not support them enough, and have joined CBS Records, they decided to form a new band: The Jacksons. The album works well, but success is dropped so fast. Michael decides to become the spokesperson for the group and convince the record company to give them a free hand to produce their album. CBS gives the group and is fully participating in his new album, Destiny. Their efforts are rewarded and the album marks the dedication and artistic recognition of the new group. In addition, Michael continued his solo career and released his first album, Off The Wall, involving Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney in 1979. There is a box. This is the best selling album that year in the United States.
His second album was released in stores in 1982. This is the famous thriller that made ​​him the artist’s most popular black American. He began to forge its reputation as the king of pop. The public notice also his dancing skills at your beautiful videos. Thriller that is also considered a revolution in the world of music videos. The rest of his career is a succession of success and glory: Bad, in 1987, Dangerous in 1991, Heal the World in 92, makes the artist a true international superstar and a living legend.

These successes could not remain indifferent to the gutter press who seizes his private life on display for the public: its physical transformations are ambushed and heavily annotated, we talk about disease as well. The rumors were revived in May 2009 when the singer went on numerous occasions in institutions specializing in the treatment of skin cancers.

On the heart, the life of Michael Jackson has been very eventful. After a brief marriage to Lisa Marie Presley , he still pays the chronicle by uniting with his nurse, Deborah Rowe said,”Debbie,”that gave him two children, a boy, named Prince and a girl named Paris . This marriage ended in October 1999. To date, no known relationship.
In 2002, the singer has a new child, Prince Michael 2, which we do not know the identity of the mother to this day! In fact, Michael Jackson reportedly used for fertilization by artificial insemination.

This mysterious birth causes more questions than the singer has undergone two major trials for sexual abuse of minors during his life. The first in 1994 ended in a settlement agreement, upon payment of over $ 20 million to the family of the complainant. The second is probably one of the most publicized in history. The whole world follows the daily twists and turns of the case. Finally, June 13, 2005, Michael Jackson is innocent. Despite the verdict and evidence from the complainants against the bad reputation of the singer continues to follow him.

On the musical front, the singer released the album Invincible in 2001. It has so far sold over 11 million copies. Despite this success, the disc does not remain in the memories and falls quickly into oblivion. It is considered a failure in view of expectations. Since the outputs of best-of and new versions of his albums have increased (especially for the 25 years of Thriller). These reissues sell in the millions, and confirm the popularity of the singer.

On March 5, 2009, at the center of financial problems, Michael Jackson finally announced a series of 50 concerts in London starting in July 2009. This event will mark his return on stage for the first time since 2002. Nevertheless, many pessimistic voices expressed in the media about the singer’s ability to provide these concerts. In May 2009, Michael Jackson decided to postpone the first concerts to better prepare”shows.” Note that these 50 dates were complete in a few hours …

Unfortunately, the joy of finding Michael in concert will not last long for her fans. Michael has just suffered a heart attack Thursday, June 25, 2009. Despite resuscitation performed by the emergency medical team, it has unfortunately not survived. It’s the end of a beautiful and great musical history …

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