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Born in Atlanta ( Georgia ), June 8, 1977, Kanye West grew up in Chicago ( Illinois ). He studied at the International Academy of Art and Design and Technology, an art school based in Chicago and the University of Chicago , but dropped out twice and never pass exams.

It was as producer he begins to make a name. It is notably behind some tubes Alicia Keys , Jay-Z , Janet Jackson , Brandy , Talib Kweli , Dilated Peoples , Ludacris and John Legend . Kanye West is needed in the production of music hip-hop following the success of the album The Blueprint by Jay-Z . On this album he produced four songs, including “Izzo (HOVA).” Thanks in part to his cousin Yohan Castro has always maintained that he launched into the music. Indeed, it was his first fan and the first to encourage him to engage in this medium.

A car accident, which occurred on 23 October 2002 , fractured his jaw in three places. This event opens the eyes of the meaning of life for him. It is this event that the inspiration for his song “Through the Wire,” which takes a sample of “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan . He recorded this song six weeks after the accident, while his mouth is stitched up again with points. He also apologized in the song: I apologize for my voice guy, if it is not clear at all … They fenced the mouth for me I do not know how long, the doctor said something like 6 weeks (I really apologize how I sound right now man If it’s unclear at all, man … Theys got shut my mouth wired I do not know for like The Doctor Said for like six weeks.) Song . “Through the Wire” is the first single from his first solo album The College Dropout , was released in stores in early 2004 . Nominated for ten Grammy Awards , he won three. His album is sacred record of the year by The New York Times and Time magazine , which ranks among the “100 most influential people on the planet.”

In August 2005 , Kanye West released his second album Late Registration . The first two singles from the album are “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” (which sample Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey on the soundtrack of the James Bond Diamonds Are Forever ) and “Gold Digger” (which appears on Jamie Foxx ). The album won eight nominations at the Grammy Awards , especially in the category Album of the Year and Song of the Year for the song “Gold Digger.”

Kanye West has collaborated with numerous artists including rapper Twista , singer Brandy on Talk About Our Love, Jay-Z , Talib Kweli , Mos Def , T-Pain , Ludacris , Dilated Peoples , Mariah Carey , Miri Ben-Ari , John Legend and Common , as well as Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo .

In September 2005, he recorded in London eleven of his songs with a symphony orchestra. The recording took place at Abbey Road Studios and is available on the CD-DVD Late Orchestration , released in April 2006.

In 2006 , he appeared in the musical documentary Michel Gondry : Dave Chappelle’s Block Party .

On 11 September 2007 , he released Graduation and easily beats the album Curtis of 50 Cent with 957,000 albums sold in one week, which is the best selling album in the U.S. since The Massacre by 50 Cent (1.14 million albums sold in one week) in 2005 . Found on this 3rd album collaboration with the French group Daft Punk , ” Stronger “, which incorporates their song” Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger “. The title is considered the best feat of the year. Kanye West is including one of Spin magazine with the two robots Daft Punk on the cover. We note first appeared on TV CBS for Grammy Awards to perform ” Stronger “.

In 2008 , Kayne West is participating in the anniversary edition Thriller 25 Album of Michael Jackson . He remixed one of the tubes of Jackson, ” Billie Jean ” . It also makes an appearance on the song “Beat Goes On” Madonna produced by Pharrell Williams .

Her fourth album, 808s and Heartbreak , released on 25 November 2008 . It is ranked number seven sales in the U.S., with 1,023,000 copies sold in 2008 .

The first single from the album titled ” Love Lockdown “and was interpreted to MTV Video Music Awards on 7 September 2008 . The second tube of this album is called “Heartless.” West chooses to use Auto-Tune , a software modulating voice and popularized by such T-Pain . The sounds of the album tends more towards the R & B and Pop of the 1980s .

On May 28, 2010, he unveiled the first single ” Power “from his 5th studio album which is called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (formerly called Good Ass Job), whose release is scheduled for November 22, 2010.

In August 2010, in collaboration with Perajok, he released a mixtape called GOOD ASS mixtape.

By September 2010, he launched the Internet Good Friday , where every Friday, it publishes a new song. He presents songs with Jay-Z , RZA , Pete Rock , Pusha-T , Bon Iver , Common , Curtis Mayfield , Charlie Wilson and many others. In September, it also presents the 2nd single from her album ” Runaway “with Pusha-T of Clipse . He himself performs this song for a film of 35 minutes where he has other songs from his album.

In 2011, he released the Throne Watch , a joint album with Jay-Z , originally planned as a single EP . 1 single, ” HAM “is featured on the Internet 11 January 2011 . Also earlier this year, her video All of the lights is accused of plagiarism Film Enter the Void . Indeed, the video re-used almost identically the aesthetics of the opening credits of the film Gaspar Noe .

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