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A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman Indian Musician


AR Rahman was early attached to music as well as information technology, located in the synthesizer , the means of renewing the Indian film music by experimenting with various new processes. He began his career with Roja (“Rose” in French, 1992 ), film in Tamil of Mani Ratnam and Rangeela (1995) of Ram Gopal Varma in Hindi .

Described by the Daily Telegraph, “Indian Mozart”, Allah Rakha Rahman is the most renowned contemporary composer and the country ranges masterfully from the soundtracks for the films of Bollywood to classical Carnatic music, with releases from the wise every age and culture.

Allah Rakha Rahman was born in Chennai / Madras on January 6, 1966, from a distinguished family of musicians under the name of Hindu Dileep Kumar. His father, who died when the boy was only 9 years old, was a conductor, composer and arranger of film scores, especially for the Malayalam film industry, which is produced in the language of Kerala . AR Rahman was introduced to music since a little child with very good results, but his interest seemed to be mainly aimed at technology: in fact, dreamed of becoming computer. The synthesizer that his father gave him to seven years immediately became his favorite instrument, combining technology and music. The sudden death of his father in later years made quite precarious economy and the family was employed as a keyboard prodigy, abandoned his studies to dedicate himself to music, keeping the family as premature and demonstrating an extraordinary aptitude for composition, thus attracting the ‘attention of the main Indian teachers.

A scholarship brought him to attend Trinity College of Music in Oxford, where he will get a degree in Western classical music and where to begin to cultivate his dream: to bring a new perspective to the international and contemporary Indian music. Returning home, he took part in a variety of groups and its ability to combine different styles of music makes the world of advertising notice it. Her first jingle for a popular brand of watches in 1987. In 1988 one of his three sisters became seriously ill and inexplicably. The mysterious disease was resolved but then immediately after the visit and the prayers of a Mufti Sufi , an event that will lead Kumar and his family to convert to Islam as a whole, with the hiring of the new name by which it is known today.

In 1991, filmmaker Mani Ratnam assigns the composition of the soundtrack of the movie Roja. The response was immediate and so begins the endless number of movies to music afterwards by Rhaman. In 1997 he released his album Vande Mataram , on the occasion of Indian independence 50enario, album that sold millions of copies and which won him worldwide recognition. Starting collaborations with David Byrne and the High Priest of Techno-eastern British , Talvin Singh. Music in London in 2002, the new comedy of the author of the famous musical Cats, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who will be called Bombay Dreams. More than 200 million copies, excluding the huge Indian market in the calculation of the pirated copies, the records sold to date by the musician, awarded the Golden Globe and an Oscar in 2009 for Jai Ho , theme of the film Slumdog Millionaire .

The man who redefined contemporary Indian music did so by breaking the rigid framework of classical orchestration his country, making room for the voice and the rhythms inspired by Western pop, from reggae and jazz, incorporating in a decisive way the electronic sounds and ranging in all sorts of experimentation, while maintaining an ‘absolute devotion to tradition and traditional musical instruments, widely used in his compositions. There are countless themes composed by AR Rahman to support the harmonious unity between the many parts of the country nor those offered by the author for social and humanitarian causes.

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