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Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails

Nine-Inch-Nails-concert-in-Santa-BarbaraNine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN) is a band U.S. of industrial rock founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland , Ohio , United States . As its main producer , singer , composer and instrumentalist , Reznor is the only official member of Nine Inch Nails and solely responsible for the direction of the band. The music of Nine Inch Nails covers a wide range of musical genres , but maintaining a characteristic sound using electronic instruments and processing in the recording studio. After recording each new studio album , Reznor is a group of musicians for tours and concerts. They tend to be moody and make arrangements on the songs to fit a live performance. On stage, NIN often used spectacular visuals for your performances, most notably the huge light show and LED panels and some tactile serving as sequencers.

The followers of the music underground welcomed very well to Nine Inch Nails in his early years. Dates that were several highly influential albums were well received, many of the Nine Inch Nails songs became hits in the years 1990 , two of which won Grammy Awards , and in total have sold over twenty million of albums worldwide, of ten and a half have been in the U.S. alone. In 1997, Reznor appeared in the magazine’s list of Time ‘s most influential people, and the magazine Spin described him as “the most important artist of the music.” In 2004, the magazine Rolling Stone placed Nine Inch Nails at No. 94 on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time . Despite this, they have had several feuds with the corporate music industry. In 2007, because of these corporate problems, Reznor announced that Nine Inch Nails left his record label and would release all their future material independently.
Since 1989, Nine Inch Nails has released eight studio albums.

His most recent releases, Ghosts I-IV and The Slip , both of 2008, were released under license Creative Commons . In the first instance both were released as digital downloads , and its physical release later. The digital release of The Slip was completely free. NIN has been nominated twelve times for Grammy Awards , having twice won the prize for ” Wish “and” Happiness in Slavery “in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

In 1987, Trent Reznor played the keyboards for a formation of Cleveland called Exotic Birds , represented at that time by John Malm, Jr. . Reznor and Malm became friends, so when Reznor left the Exotic Birds to make your own music, Malm became his manager on an informal basis. At this time Reznor worked as sound engineer and janitor at Right Track Studios , and asked permission from the owner Bart Koster to record some demos of his own material while the study was empty. Koster agreed, remarking that only cost him “a little wear on the heads of his films.” While joining the demos, the first recordings of Nine Inch Nails, Reznor was unable to find musicians playing the material as he wished . Therefore, inspired by Prince , played all the instruments except the drums . Reznor has followed this methodology in most of the studio albums the band, but have occasionally involved other musicians and assistants.

In 1988, after making his first concert, opening for Skinny Puppy , the sole ambition of Nine Inch Nails Reznor was to publish a simple of twelve inches with a small label Europe . Several labels responded favorably to the material , so he got a contract with TVT Records . Ten of the tracks of the Right Track demos appear re-recorded in the first studio album released, Pretty Hate Machine , in 1989.

Reznor said in 1994 he chose the name “Nine Inch Nails” because “it was easy to short,”
rather than “any literal meaning” although there are other rumors about the name, alleging that Reznor chose to reference the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with nine inch spikes, or nine inch nails of Freddy Krueger . The logo of Nine Inch Nails, consisting of the letters “NIИ” in a box, was designed by Reznor and Gary Talpas and first appeared in his first single, “Down in It”, inspired by the typeface designed by Tibor Kalman for the album Talking Heads Remain in Light . NIN Talpas continued to design for 1997.

The first album from Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine , composed , arranged and performed by Trent Reznor, was released in 1989. Meant Reznor’s first collaboration with Adrian Sherwood (who produced the single “Down in It” in London without seeing face to face Reznor) and Mark “Flood” Ellis . Flood served as producer on all major releases until 1994, Nine Inch Nails, while Sherwood did remixes for them until 2000. Reznor and his co-producers added to the demos recorded at Right Track Studio song ” Head Like a Hole “and” No “. Michael Azerrad , a critic of the magazine Rolling Stone described the album as “compelling and industrial noise on a pop” and “harrowing but catchy music” Reznor called this combination “a sincere statement” of “what I had in mind at the moment.” After spending one hundred and thirteen weeks on the Billboard 200 , Pretty Hate Machine was one of the first albums of independent music to obtain a certified RIAA platinum. The music of “Down in It” and “Head Like a Hole” is broadcast on the music channel MTV , but also came an explicit video clip of the song “Sin” in 1997 included in the home video Closure .
In 1990, NIN tour began Pretty Hate Machine Tour Series for the United States , opening for artists of alternative rock as Peter Murphy and The Jesus and Mary Chain .

At some point, Reznor began to break the material on stage, Mike Gitter, Rockbeat interviewer attributed this aggressive attitude to NIN’s early success. Nine Inch Nails then embarked on a world tour that passed through the festival of Lollapalooza 1991. After a poor reception in Europe, opening for Guns N ‘Roses , NIN returned to the U.S. due to pressure from TVT Records to release an album after Pretty Hate Machine. In response, Reznor began secretly recording under various pseudonyms to avoid record company interference.

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